Out Of Body Experiences (OBEs) And Astral Projection

When I was in my 30s (I’m now 55), I read several books about OBEs or what is often called astral projection, most notably the books by Robert Monroe.

I was fascinated by the OBE and astral projection phenomenon and I really wanted to have an OBE myself, to know how to OBE, how to astral project. My interest at the time was primarily to just have a really cool experience.

Decades passed, however, and it didn’t happen. I kind of forgot about it and never pursued actually making it happen.

Last month, I had my first OBE and astral projection experience!

Actually, I had 4 OBE experiences while I attended a one week intensive program offered by the International Academy Of Consciousness (IAC) called the Consciousness Development Program and have had many since returning home. Normally, IAC runs the program on several back-to-back weekends, but once a year they do it in a week long intensive.

Wow. It was majorly cool and I highly recommend it!

One of the instructors, Luis Minero, just released his own book called “Demystifying The Out Of Body Experience” which I highly recommend.

If you’re a Phase 2 Player, ¬†having an actual experience of who you REALLY are — Consciousness — separated from the body, and also experiencing the illusory nature of the physical universe (and that there’s much more “beyond” it) can be very powerful.

I must also express my appreciation for the IAC team of instructors in the Los Angeles office (they have offices all over the world) where I took the class. Four of them conducted the sessions and they were all awesome.

The support they offered for understanding the OBE and astral projection experience, seeing how it can be used as a “consciousness expansion tool,” and actually having one, was superb. Some things they taught in the program are not in alignment with what I teach, See, and Experience, but that doesn’t matter. I went for the OBE dynamics.

I’ll be talking about this more in future posts and also on my Illusions and Truth show podcast, but for now, I just wanted to plant this seed.

BTW: If you’re a Phase 2 Player or participating in the Being In Truth Experience, you know there really isn’t a body to travel “out of” (it’s just a story, an illusion), but despite that, this particular story can be a way fun one to experience.

Finally, if you’ve discovered The Ultimate Key To Happiness, or participated in the Being In Truth Experience, you’ll find it interesting to note that The Mind Machine completely disengages while having an OBE!

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Pleasant “travels” …