The Illusions And Truth Show – Episode 1

I’m writing this post to let you know about a podcast I’m starting back up. A few years ago, I offered The Illusions And Truth Show as a paid subscription service, but with this re-release, it’s free as my gift.

The podcast, which will have primarily audio-based episodes, is dedicated to exposing illusions, popping myths, and revealing Truth.

It has one purpose: to support you in Knowing, Seeing, and Experiencing The Truth.

Most episodes will be short, between 5-10 minutes. But occasionally they’ll go longer.

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Overview Of The Teachings

Many people visit this blog and website who are unfamiliar with The Teachings I share.

If you’re new to The Teachings, or there’s someone you’d like to introduce The Teachings to, you can get access to a FREE a multi-part video training by clicking on this link.