Where Do Your Wants, Desires, Intentions And Goals REALLY Come From?

This post is, in many ways, a “part 2” to the previous post, “Where Is The Real Power?”

In most self-help, personal development, manifestation, even spiritual development systems, you’re told to start by getting crystal clear on what you want — to get crystal clear on what your goals and intentions are.

You then think, analyze, consider, meditate, in an attempt to get crystal clear.

Then you add change, fix and improve “wishes” to your list of wants , desires, goals and intentions.

Finally, you then use some sort of technique to manifest or attract what’s on your list.

Seldom, if ever, do you question where your list of wants, desires, intentions and goals came from.

Seldom, if ever, do you question whether your list of wants, desires, intentions and goals is “valid” and “truthful.”

Seldom, if ever, do you question whether your list represents what you REALLY want, meaning, asking yourself if getting those things would REALLY make you feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied, and create a true and permanent improvement to your quality of life.

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Where Is The Real Power?

Who or what REALLY creates, determines or shapes what happens in your life day to day?

Is it you?

Your mind?

Your thoughts?

Your energy?

Your goals and intent?

Your beliefs?

Your subconscious mind?

The techniques and practices you use?

Or is it “someone” or “something” else?

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Why The Lack Of Manifesting Prosperity Can Be A Good Thing …

This post is going to be short, sweet, and right to the point. Most people would put manifesting prosperity at the very top of their wish list.

Those same people would generally look at the lack of manifesting prosperity as a bad thing.

I beg to differ.

See, for most people, when they have a lot of money, that abundance translates into a lot of options. That increase in options often translates into a lack of focus. That lack of focus often translates into spinning your wheels, a loss of productivity, and being majorly distracted from what’s truly most important to you.

Sometimes a lack of manifesting prosperity is the best thing that could possibly happen to you …

manifesting prosperity

Sometimes, the best thing the can happen to you on your journey, for short or long periods, is to have less money available because it keeps your options limited, it keeps you focused, and it keeps you on a single track — like horses that have those blinders on their eyes so they can only look forward.

I say this from deep personal experience of witnessing what happens with a tight money supply and a wide open money supply — in my own life and the lives of many others whose journeys I have knowledge about.

Most people would argue me to the death about this. I fully expect to receive numerous comments saying I’m nuts, or this is just some sort of impractical, airy-fairy, esoteric idea.

But it’s not. It’s very practical. And VERY important.

As I’ve talked about in past posts, and as I’ll talk about again in future posts, there’s a plan for your life. You have a specific mission and life purpose. Often, to fulfill that mission and purpose, which is what you REALLY want, what your life is REALLY about, it involves having a limited supply of money — your whole life or at certain times.

That’s just The Truth, whether you like it or not, whether you wish it was different or not, and whether or not it conflicts with what many gurus and experts say about manifesting prosperity being everyone’s “birthright.”

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