Life Purpose And The Purpose Driven Life

Rarely Discussed Truths About Life Purpose

One of my subscribers wrote in and asked me this question:

“How does one go about finding one’s life purpose and create a purpose-driven life?”

I have a lot to share on this topic. Much more than could be contained in this post. I also have a strong bias on all of this, so be prepared for that.

Having said that, here goes …

There’s so much out there in the self-help, personal growth, spiritual growth, and spiritual/spirituality literature about life purpose and “mission.”

However, from what I’ve experienced and seen, most of that talk and focus on mission and purpose leads to confusion, frustration and dead ends.

So, let’s see if we can add some clarity here.

I agree that we all have a mission and purpose that drives what happens in our lives. There is something specific we all “came here” to do and experience.

Our mission and purpose was decided on before we came here, and planned out in advance with a lot of detail.

An “Intelligence” greater than your own chose the mission, purpose and plan, and executes the plan from behind the scenes. I’ve called that Intelligence many things: Director, Inner CEO, Expanded Self and now True Creative Essence.

This Intelligence is driving the bus, from behind the scenes, and has the Power and ability to make sure your life purpose is fulfilled.

Key Point 1: Intelligence always manifests your life purpose and plan with All its detail. It never fails and nothing can derail it.

Now we get to the critical point and the “error” made by so many people who talk about life purpose and the purpose-driven life.

Some people are consciously aware of their purpose in life. Others are not.

Some people think they know what their life purpose is and their vision is accurate.

Some people think they know what their life purpose is and their vision is not accurate.

Even if there’s some awareness, it’s usually just tip of the iceberg.

No matter how much awareness there is of your purpose in life, no matter how accurate the awareness of life purpose may be, here’s The Truth:

Key Point 2: You don’t need to “find” or consciously know about your life purpose in order for it to be fulfilled. Conscious knowledge is irrelevant.

It will be fulfilled regardless. As I said, Intelligence, who has all The Real Power, and is the one Truly driving the bus in your life, will see to it.

Here are additional Truths:

  1. You can’t get off track on your purpose in life
  2. You can’t screw things up and derail Intelligence in fulfilling your life purpose
  3. You WILL do whatever you’re meant to do to fulfill your life purpose — whether you’re consciously aware of your purpose in life or not
  4. Everyone else WILL do what they’re meant to do to support you in fulfilling your life purpose
  5. Everything else that’s meant to happen WILL happen to support you in fulfilling your life purpose
  6. There’s no such thing as a non-purpose-driven-life. It’s not possible. The Human Experience is always driven by purpose — just like a movie, TV show, play, and great novel are driven by a plan and purpose in every moment
  7. Your life purpose doesn’t need to be “spiritual” or “lofty” or humanitarian or charitable. It can be as simple as playing with and exploring something that interests you in what I call “The Human Game Amusement Park.”

OK. That’s a good start. Let me know your thoughts and comments and know there’s more to come on the topic of life purpose and the purpose-driven life.

P.S. If you’re a Phase 2 or Phase 3 Player, you know I’d language all of this quite differently!