The 2 Paths Through Life Into “Simple Abundance”


From what I’ve seen on my own journey, there are 2 paths you can take through life if you’re interested in simple abundance, how to be happy, inner peace, personal or spiritual development, spiritual awakening, etc.:

  1. The Change, Fix, And Improve Path
  2. The Truth Path

In this post, I’m going to introduce the Change, Fix, And Improve Path. I’ll come back to The Truth Path in another post.

On the Change, Fix, And Improve Path, your life is dominated by goals, objectives, and wanting to produce specific results to change your life, fix what appears broken in your life, and improve your life.

The Change, Fix, And Improve Path is dominated by techniques and strategies — steps for you to take, things for you to do, things for you to practice to get what you want.

There’s a never-ending assembly line of techniques and strategies moving through the world.

And throughout history.

That claim to be able to deliver results, including simple abundance.

There’s always a “flavor of the day” that everyone is excited about and is convinced is the magic bullet they’ve always dreamed about: this manifestation technique, that manifestation technique, the law of attraction, whatever.

There are also the old standbys that have been around forever: visualization, affirmations, changing beliefs, thought and mind control, etc.

Whenever we get ahold of a technique that looks promising, we get very excited and throw ourselves into using it to get what we want.

And then REALITY sets in.

There are 2 BIG problems with the Change, Fix, And Improve Path:

  1. The techniques don’t work reliably. Never have. Never will. I seem to be one of the few people out there seeing this and being willing to be brutally honest about it.
  2. The list of things you want to change, fix and improve never ends. Never has. Never will. There’s always something else in your life that isn’t OK as it is, that would be better of it were different or gone ,or if something else showed up instead.

So, if the number of things you want to change, fix and improve never ends, and the techniques you use to try to get what you want don’t work reliably to get them, what’s the inevitable result?

You’ll end up exhausted, frustrated, and unhappy — and really “down” on self-help stuff, on all the techniques and strategies and the people who gave them to you.

Odds are , you know what I mean here because you’ve already experienced it — and/or are experiencing it now.

If you haven’t, you will.


I could write multiple books on this topic but that’s enough for today.

Next time, I’ll write about The Truth Path, which is the ONLY way out of the “rat race” explained above, the ONLY way to get what you REALLY want, the only path into simple abundance (a term I really like by the way).

Stay tuned.

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