The One Experience That Changes Everything

TRUE transformation, TRUE success, and TRUE happiness do not come from using techniques, strategies, repetitive methods, and practices trying to achieve specific goals.

TRUE transformation, TRUE success, and TRUE happiness come, automatically and naturally, after you have an EXPERIENCE that reaches into you and changes you at the deepest level …

As you go through it.

Nothing for you to figure out, do, or make happen.

The EXPERIENCE does the heavy lifting for you!

In this video, I’ll tell you all about that EXPERIENCE, including how you can have it yourself, right here, right now.

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Why Don’t Spiritual And Self-Help Techniques Work For Me?

There’s another pandemic running wild in the world.

People are NOT getting what they want most using the popular self-help and spiritual techniques. Why? Because something is secretly blocking them, something no one told them about before.

The secret block has nothing to do with your subconscious mind, beliefs, brain, thoughts, mindset, energy, vibration or something broken, bad, or wrong with you.

“Why don’t self-help and spiritual techniques work for me?” That’s a question asked by ever-expanding numbers of people worldwide, so you have lots of company if you’ve been asking it.

The success rate for most techniques is actually surprisingly low, if you measure it (which I’ve done), and you’re brutally honest with yourself about what you see.

I spent decades trying to change, fix, and improve my life using those techniques and not understanding why it wasn’t working for me when it seemed to be working for other people.

If you’re like I used to be, trying to change your life using techniques is incredibly frustrating!

How can you separate Myth from Truth as it relates to the self-help and spiritual programs and techniques? That’s the all-important question to ask!

If you’ve been on the “Change, Fix, And Improve Path” with little success too, you’ll be happy to know that in this video, I’ll help you separate myths, lies, illusions, and stories from The Truth that really does set you FREE.

The Truth that changes everything.

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How to Survive These Crazy Times 2020

How to not only survive but thrive in these crazy times. In this video, I will guide you to the questions you must ask yourself as you move through one of the craziest times in history.

Though life may seem scary and out of control, there’s also an opportunity to use it all as “raw material” to transform yourself, experience a new degree of freedom, and permanent relief from struggle, suffering, stress, and emotional pain.

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