Creating “Reality” – Part 1

If you study personal development, spiritual development, self-help, and manifestation models and systems, you see a common thread.

That thread is:

“You create your own reality”

The “creating reality” dynamic is languaged in different ways, but the basic idea and concept is that whatever you focus your mind on, and especially if you add a lot of feeling to it, will manifest in your life.

In this first audio in a series, I’m going to take a brutally honest look at the create your own reality dynamic and invite you to ask yourself the question, “Who or what is ACTUALLY creating my reality?”

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    9 thoughts on “Creating “Reality” – Part 1

    1. I thoroughly enjoy your slant on these topics – thank you for manking such good information available. I don’t learn very well by listening to things, however – would it be possible to include written transcripts in future? Thank you very much!

    2. Thanks so much for addressing this topic. ‘Bout time someone blew some holes in it. Yet, I hear it so much that it’s become like a (heaven forbid) dogma and it starts to creep around in the back of mind. OOOOOh.
      Would love to hear more. Thanks again.

      • There are many names for the “who” of this. In the Busting Loose teachings, I called it “Expanded Self” — another aspect of your Consciousness.

        In my latest work, I call it “True Creative Essence.”

        Think of it like this. In the Harry Potter movies and books, Harry Potter appears to be real, to be an individual who thinks, feels, makes decisions, etc.

        But he’s not.

        Everything he says and does and experiences, everything in his “world” — all the people, places, things, action — comes from the creative expression of the author, J.K. Rowling.

        Harry can;’t day anything, do anything, feel anything, there can be no Hogwarts, etc. unless J.K. Rowling first writes it.

        Think of yourself as Harry Potter in this context, and Expanded Self or True Creative Essence as “the author.”

        • Hello Robert,

          It would seem, on that ever-present question of Destiny versus Free Will, you come down on the side of Destiny. By that I mean that ‘the book is written’ versus ‘you write the story as you go, with each choice you make’.

          Am I understanding that correctly?

          Thank you

          • Yes. That is what I See to be The Truth.

            Think of a Harry Potter novel. J.K. Rowling has written the book. It’s done. Everything that will be said, thought, felt, experienced, all the people, places and things have been written and are set in stone.

            We experience the story one page at a time. It appears to unfold “realtime” even though it doesn’t.

            As we turn the pages, Harry appears to have free will, to think, feel, act, make decisions, have wants and goals, to struggle with what’s happening. But he doesn’t really do any of that. It’s all just a story. It’s all just J.K. Rowling expressing herself creatively as The Author of the story.

            I see your life and my life as being like Harry. I see us as being characters in extraordinary stories, just like Harry. And I see Consciousness, Source, or what I call True Creative Essence now, as being The Author.

            There’s a lot more to all of this, of course, and Experiencing Life like this (not just having a cool idea or concept like this in mind) is beyond amazing and mind-blowing. This is just a quick summary.

            – Robert

            • Well, I must admit it’s hard for me not to believe in free will, though I will meditate on it further. If you should do a Part 2 to this eventually, I’ll be interested to hear it.


    3. Robert,
      Hi. Really great post and comments. Most people who don’t come into contact with the Teachings believe themselves to be regular ordinary individuals living on earth, in a world which is true and real. You see the world as Story Space or “illusion”, while most people see it as reality, real world and truly believe that, as Jed Mckenna commented:”They see the Censensus Reality as real reality”. You see the so-called “negative or bad” happenings as fun and amazing, while others believe them to be misfortunes, plights, painful experiences. I know it’s very very hard to achieve the level where you can calmly and playfully see those experiences and say they are fun and enjoy them. I’ve been playing the Phase 2 game for more than 4 years, yet still live in shits and feels great discomfort. Situations can be frightening and people can be crazy. Hard to believe anyone and even cannot control my own acts, words and attitudes which bring more trouble, yet all the senarioes seem to be logical and reasonable, which make this world more real and frightening. Robert, what I want to ask is: everything in this world can appear solid and stable and real and have meanings, how can I prove to myself that it is just an illusion, a story, a show? Can I pick flaws in this world and truly recognize the Truth of it? Is there any difference between the storyline details and the “real world happenings”? How can I convince myself I’m not just flawed and try to deceive myself and escape from reality? Please elaborate. Sorry, I’m not capable of expressing appreciation for programs. And any comments from anyone is welcomed.Thank you!

      • There is no way to answer your question here in a blog post comment. The courses I offer on the site offer the most robust and powerful answers and support for the Experience you seek. As the text on the site explains, my journey took place inn stages, and each stage is reflected in one of the courses. If enrolling in one of the courses doesn’t work for you, I would recommend getting the “Busting Loose From The Money Game” and “Ultimate Key To Happiness” books. Small expression of appreciation, great benefit. If you already have one or both books, embrace what’s in them and use the Busting Loose tools regularly. Bottom line, I embraced the model shared in the Busting Loose book used the tools regularly and that is what opened the door to me Experiencing the answers you seek, including what I now call True Happiness and Ultimate Freedom.