Is Free Will A Myth Or A Fact?

In many circles, spiritual to mainstream, free will is the sacred cow of The Human Experience.

In the teachings or messages offered through those circles, the battle cry is:

1. You have the ability to choose and determine your destiny, or;
2. You at least have the ability to choose your response to what happens to you that you didn’t choose

Is this battle cry true?

Is it a myth or fact?

In this post, I’ll take a brutally honest look at these questions.

Find out for yourself!

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Welcome and enjoy!

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    3 thoughts on “Is Free Will A Myth Or A Fact?

    1. Ugh…yes I get this but I have to say, I don’t always experience the “good news” as you explained it. Does this mean that my character and my True Creative Essence are not one yet?

      Thank you. Enjoyed this one.

      • The real answer to this goes beyond the scope of this blog and involves Phase 3 Teaching details …

        In simple terms, you and True Creative Essence are always one …

        The question is just whether that natural, all the time one-ness is being Experienced.

        When Ultimate Freedom is fully awake, when a story becomes a Phase 3 story, IT is Experienced all the time, no matter what’s happening.

        When Ultimate Freedom is fully awake, when a story becomes a Phase 3 story, “ughs” like you mention above either don’t appear at all, or if they do, from time to time or frequently, the Experience of them is RADICALLY different and it’s not a problem, bad news, painful, unpleasant, etc. – and there’s no desire for them to go away or be different.

        They can all be enjoyed and appreciated as is.

        This will sound impossible to some, unbelievable, hype or crap, but it’s True, it can be Experienced, and it is being Experienced by people now throughout the world.