The Brutally Honest Truth About Limiting Beliefs, Self Sabotage, And Brain Wiring

Have you tried to produce specific results in your life …

Failed to do so …

And you were then told you had some sort of limiting or sabotaging belief in your subconscious mind that was blocking you?

Or you were told something about the way your brain is wired was blocking you?

If your answer is “Yes!” …

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Ever wondered why there would be blocks like that buried deeply inside you?

I’m not talking about the psychological or scientific explanations for it, which are plentiful …

I’m talking about what’s behind and underneath those explanations …

The Real and True Reason we all have hidden blocks within us …

And what absolutely MUST happen first

Before those blocks can be permanently removed.

What absolutely MUST happen first

Before your life can be Truly Transformed.

In the brand new audio below, I take a brutally honest look at this fascinating topic.

I truly believe this audio is one you will not want to miss!

It could help you change so many things …

Boom …

Just like that!

Through this blog post, I’m inviting you to do 2 things:

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    3 thoughts on “The Brutally Honest Truth About Limiting Beliefs, Self Sabotage, And Brain Wiring

    1. Hi Robert,

      “I’ve” experienced “your” UKF Online Course twice now, and have read all “your” books. And what “I’ve” wanted to say for a very long time is that “I” experience “you” as a truly “happy” being; which to “me” is key. There are many self-proclaimed spiritual individuals out there, but when in “their” presence “I” want to run the other way. But “your” happiness is truly palpable and such an attracting force. “I” perceive a kind of “innocence and playfulness” about “you” that reflects a state of “being” that words don’t adequately serve,; especially given “your” history.

      “I’m”a devoted student of non-duality teachings and an avid reader of Sailor Bob, Wu Hsin, and the writings of Joel Goldsmith and A Course In Miracles; the Course beinguncecessarily mcumbersome in “my” humble opinion. Yes, there are differences in what “you” share, primarily with regard to “story lines.” Sometimes “I” “feel” it’s true if “I” relate “storiesA” to DNA. But other times “I” struggle with it. However, “I’m” “certain” that “I” as a body, am not living “my” life, rather, Life (Creative Essence) is living “me.” However, “I’ve” not yet had a transcendental experience, of that, though “I” get glimpses of it now and then. Even though, “I” must admit that when “I’m” in the process of surrendering “my” will, thought balls surface that say, “Yes,” but what if this “Truth” is wrong: If it is, “I’m” screwed!” ” “I” have to laugh out loud as ” I” share this, because “I” know that it’s cloud cover dialogue , nevertheless, it’s there and does, at times, get in the way..

      Anyway, thank “you,” again for “your” creative desemination of the Truth Virus. And while “my” own direct experience is necessary for absolute certainty of the UKF, the happiness “you” radiate speaks volumes. “I” look forward to meeting “you” in person, hopefully sooner rather than later…

      Love and light,
      Lucretia McDermott

      • Hi Lucretia …

        Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the share, and you, very much.

        If you appreciate that “happiness,” you can imagine how it actually feels for “me,” given who The Old Robert used to be!

        I’m feeling moved to share the following with you. Is it possible that you have a definition of “transcendental experience,” that’s inaccurate, and that inaccuracy is causing you to believe you haven’t yet experienced what you seek?

        I will look forward to meeting you in person too!


    2. Hi Robert,
      Your question to me was very helpful. And I would have to say that yes, It’s very possible that my definition of a “transcendental experience” has been inaccurate. Thank you for posing it. It has helped me to relax into what I intellectually and spiritually Know to be True.

      Lucretia 🙂