“Act, Junah, but act without attachment, as the earth does. As I do. The rain falls, with no thought of watering the land. The clouds roll, not seeking to bring shade. They simply do. And we must too.”

– Bagger Vance

How would your life change if this is how you lived, all the time, without trying to or using a technique to make it happen?


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2 thoughts on “About Simply “Doing” …

  1. Yes. This is certainly the key to happiness and bliss.
    To accept pain, poverty and despair, to be oblivious to the outcome of our own story or somebody else’s or that of a family, culture, species or human race — and yet to retain a sense of love and compassion and connectedness — it is a seemingly impossible task, and yet only requires a simple shift in perspective.

    Robert, you/I are a great facilitator in this shift. Through your teachings (in conjunction with so many decades of other quality studies), I am finally able to get a taste of this, and there is a sense that once tasted, the ease of slipping into this perspective without trying will only grow. This is called hope.

    No longer do I wish for circumstances to improve or for control over any aspect of what happens (or if I mechanically and habitually do so, I soon recognize and redress those errors by just letting go of those thoughts and letting Essence wash through me and over me and around me). Now I wish only for the feelings of appreciation to wash through me to replace the bodily pain, the emotional pain, the mental confusion and chatter, and with this appreciation comes serenity such as The Bhagavad Gita and this movie describe.

    Shanti Shanti Shanti.
    Let us all open ourselves to the Peace which Surpasseth Understanding!