How Much Of “The Real You” Is Expressing Itself In Your Life?

Here’s a quote I saw the other day:

On my journey, I’ve had a lot of personal experience with dynamics like this.

Sometimes, having everything “taken away by life” appeared in my imagination when a series of events looked like they’d lead there but never actually did.

At other times, I actually did “lose everything” that part of me was attached to, part of me thought was important and necessary to my happiness, etc. — but was actually the opposite, as the quote above suggests.

Many people, Phase 2 Players using the Tools, have been through similar dynamics — imaginary “losses” and actual “losses.” For Phase 2 Players, “The Real You” means, in simple terms, what’s left after The Cloud Cover is knocked out.

When we go through such experiences of apparent loss, we tend to see it as “bad news” and we feel desperate to stop what’s in motion and keep things as they are.

What I’ve discovered, however, is that the only thing that really matters, the only thing that really means anything, the only thing that ultimately brings True Happiness and fulfillment, is allowing The Real Me to reveal itself and for the daily details of my story to be re-configured to align with The Real Me.

How about The Real You and your life story?

Is it possible that what makes you most uncomfortable right now, what you’d most like to change, fix, improve, or stop is supporting you in peeling away the layers of what’s NOT The Real You so The Real You can be revealed and express itself?

Hmmm …

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