How Much Of “The Real You” Is Expressing Itself In Your Life?

Here’s a quote I saw the other day:

On my journey, I’ve had a lot of personal experience with dynamics like this.

Sometimes, having everything “taken away by life” appeared in my imagination when a series of events looked like they’d lead there but never actually did.

At other times, I actually did “lose everything” that part of me was attached to, part of me thought was important and necessary to my happiness, etc. — but was actually the opposite, as the quote above suggests.

Many people, Phase 2 Players using the Tools, have been through similar dynamics — imaginary “losses” and actual “losses.” For Phase 2 Players, “The Real You” means, in simple terms, what’s left after The Cloud Cover is knocked out.

When we go through such experiences of apparent loss, we tend to see it as “bad news” and we feel desperate to stop what’s in motion and keep things as they are.

What I’ve discovered, however, is that the only thing that really matters, the only thing that really means anything, the only thing that ultimately brings True Happiness and fulfillment, is allowing The Real Me to reveal itself and for the daily details of my story to be re-configured to align with The Real Me.

How about The Real You and your life story?

Is it possible that what makes you most uncomfortable right now, what you’d most like to change, fix, improve, or stop is supporting you in peeling away the layers of what’s NOT The Real You so The Real You can be revealed and express itself?

Hmmm …

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    15 thoughts on “How Much Of “The Real You” Is Expressing Itself In Your Life?

    1. Rise by kneeling, Conquer by surrendering, Gain by giving up. Let go and start again.

      From your death, the resurrection.

      Only when you die to yourself as you are, and to your life as it is, can you be reborn into your greater life, free from fear and attachment. ”

      I was given this quote recently but don’t know who wrote it. I found it very helpful in challenging times and on a similar theme to the one above. I have just read Busting Loose and am using it with a serious illness and my money game. Very helpful so far so many thanks!!

    2. Yes, the death and rebirth theme is another common way of expressing this and very accurate in many ways. It is also how it has felt to me — an “old Robert character dying so a new Robert character can be born. Thanks for sharing the quote.

    3. This quote tells the truth. If you add imprisonment to the experience, you are even simplified more to the Core Real You. I noticed from my experience that people, in general, face a lot pain and discomfort taking care of their everyday life experiences because they are imprisoned by their daily life attachments. Their Real Selves then free them up by taking away their attachments. When main attachments are no longer there, then they are freed to seek the truth from within themselves. It seems this is the shortest cut to freedom.

    4. Why make it so difficult when all we need to do is to is surrender to what is. Easier said than done, not at all. Take the time and meditate. Take the time to integrate your mind and your heart. We die and are reborn each and every night. Each new day is an opportunity for us to assume the wish fulfilled; it’s our choice to become what we chose. Wanting always will put your goals out of reach. See yourself living from your goal not moving toward it.. Each moment gives us the opportunity for a new rebirth. Let’s stop taking ourselves so seriously. Be watchful of your thoughts and realize you are not your beliefs. Also, realize you are the watcher not the watchee. Let your negative thoughts float by like clouds in the sky. Be aware not attached. We become imprisoned by our own mindlessness. Each of us holds the key to break out. Time to Bust Loose. 😉 Be the “I am” that you are.

    5. well I used to have a good job, it was stressful but I had security. I took a risk and started a business, which did ok for about a year but now has gone downhill and left me devastated. I am on the edge of financial ruin and feel scared when I see people living in the streets. I don’t know how I came to this, I was a risk-taker and took it, but for ages I could not accept that I had failed. At least now I can admit, I have failed, I just don’t know what to do. I have been stuck like this now for 3-4 years, hoping things will turn around. I have started to look backward, to my old career, relearning the skills which were so ingrained when I was a career worker. I just long for that security. My partner now even is thinking about children and buying a house. I am paying rent and loosing more and more money. I get thoughts of suicide, but I know I could not do it. I feel so much depression.

      • Hey yurpie – I have a story very similar to yours – messed with my ego quite a bit. My Phase II attitude and belief system were a real help to lead me to be ok with bankruptcy – the best decision I made and don’t regret for a moment. After all, money is made up, so bankruptcy is made up too. My Phase II cookie is that the very day I visited the courtroom to finalize my bankruptcy I was offered a job with amazing pay & benefits. It’s two yrs later and I haven’t looked back (and am about to buy a house) Who knows what this experience in the human game is about for you, but it can be fun to find out. Living in trust has also been an incredible asset as well. I believe I am in life to experience & enjoy and trust that my Infinite Self wants to create what’s “best” for me. Just feels more peaceful for me now when I choose to live from trust. Works for me anyway 🙂

        • Thanks for sharing! I too have been down the bankruptcy road; it was a difficult decision, but glad that I made it. That singular incident was the first time in a long time that I just needed to surrender and take my ego out of the picture. I am playing in phase 2 and things are just showing up daily-still lots of cloud cover to bust through.


      • Hey Yurpie!
        I can totally relate with your feelings and concerns. For me it all comes down to trusting your Expanded Self (aka God, in a broader way… kind of… you know) to choose the most fun, liberating path for my/yourself (I really don’t want to drive the Bus) but I was thinking… What if my E.S. wants me to suffer and pushes me to the point of no return (you know what I mean). What if… what if… what if…
        I stopped applying The Process because I was numb, could not feel anything, no fear, no… nothing… so, no power back at me…
        I decided to take-on back the wheel of the Bus… I said to myself… “That Thing” doesn’t want me to survive, but…I will survive!!… not like the song, which I hate! Ha! Started checking all the seeds I planted before, to see if any had grown (that means, Keep On Moving, don’t just lie there all depressed and stuff)… and while I was checking, my Expanded Self surprised me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined! That’s why I KNOW it was my E.S.!!
        Morale of the story: Be absolute certain that your E.S. is driving you to the many fun and twisting rides you can possibly ride! Cheers.
        P.S. I will have to remember this post whenever I loose “faith”. (-:

    6. Yurpie,
      I’m sending you white light for your heart center expansion. Breathe. You are that shining inner light. Thanks for sharing the feelings that are coming up for you. Allowing them to be recognized is a big step in healing these emotional dynamics. ‘That’ which no longer serves is moving out of your being.

      Failure is always a mental construct, and culturally created by your beliefs which society has helped shaped you to hold. You are not your beliefs. You are THAT which chooses your beliefs. It’s time to step onto another platform for reality creation. Get out of linear time. Fold the past and fold the future into the NOW moment. In the NOW, the present moment has integrated the past. Breathe. Light a candle and feel your value beyond persona.

      Enter into releasing the energy of “escape.” You do not have to prove your true self-value or “earn” your divinity. You are eternal, world without end. Your “I AM Presence” is your anchor in physicality. You are having a peak experience of the Soul. Hold, hold, hold the truth of who you really are and let your heart radiance drive your choices.

      Small steps are amazingly effective. Wear yellow, paint a room yellow, eat yellow vegetables, pick yellow flowers, use lemon slices in your water, to allow your sun “center” to be remembered. Find news ways to shine your ‘essence’ into your life. You are a divine human. (Read the book, “Living Your Divinity” by Geoffery Hoppe/Adamus Saint Germain.)

      You are a time traveler,

    7. Robert. You have a very strong right upper cut! You just have knocked the s*** out of me with that comment! Man you’re fast!

    8. ah… but Robert!
      WHAT IF “the real you” is another fabrication?
      some kind of expression from another level… but even that seemingly-ultimate level is also “derivative”?