Why Prosperity And Abundance Techniques Fail — Part 3

I’m going to continue my discussion of why the attract abundance and prosperity and how to attract money techniques fail in this post, then we’re going to shift gears for a while and come back to the discussion in the future.

Like the Phase 1 dynamic I discussed in the last post, this next reason is HUGELY responsible for why so many of the techniques fail to work — at all or reliably.

attract abundance and prosperityI’m talking about the gigantic difference between ideas and concepts … and Experience (with a capital E).

So many people, including me in my younger years, believe if we understand something, that gives us power that can lead to transformation in and of itself.

For example, we believe if we understand we’re really Spiritual Beings having a physical experience, that somehow helps us experience the Infinite Abundance that’s our natural state.

It doesn’t.

As another example, we think if we understand we’re all One, we’re all part of one Consciousness, that somehow helps us experience that Oneness. It doesn’t.

As another example, many Players who are aware of The Teachings believe if they understand that everything in the physical world is ultimately an illusion, a hologram, that gives them power to change things.

It doesn’t.

Ideas and concepts can be tricky. Knowing about them, understanding them, sometimes seems to be Experience, feels like Experience, but it’s not.

Ideas, concepts, intellect, logic and understanding cannot attract abundance and prosperity or attract money …

Intellect, logic and understanding of ideas and concepts that accurately point to Truth are often an important and valuable first step, but something must happen to turn those ideas and concepts into actual EXPERIENCE or nothing changes.

For those of you aware of The Teachings, that “something” is knocking out the cloud cover, or seriously undermining its structural integrity.

That’s what leads to True Transformation.

That’s what I found a way to do — turn ideas and concepts into actual Experiences Of Truth — for myself and others — how turn ideas and concepts into True abundance and prosperity and the ability to Truly attract money.

Much more to come. Stay tuned.

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