Why Prosperity And Abundance Techniques Fail — Part 2

Welcome to our continuing discussion of why prosperity and abundance techniques fail.

It’s time to go into the less obvious — and more important — reasons why the magic bullet techniques fail most of the time.

And make no mistake, they DO fail most of the time. That’s not my opinion or theory. That’s what you see if you look with open and brutally honest eyes.

Here’s the biggest reason why prosperity and abundance techniques fail …

I’m not kidding. What follows IS the biggest reason why the prosperity thinking, wealth consciousness, manifest prosperity, and attracting abundance techniques fail.

And it’s something very few people know about or can tell you. I’m a bit of a lone wolf in the wilderness on this particular topic.

Once again, I expect many people to think I’m nuts, disagree with me, or argue vehemently that I’m wrong, wrong, wrong.

It’s The Truth nevertheless. And it’s something you can prove to yourself … if you choose to take the Journey Into Truth that I took, and tens of thousands of others have taken at this point, worldwide.

I’m going to sketch in broad strokes in this post, then invite you to go into more detail if you want to by registering for my FREE Video Masterclass.

I’ll also continue the discussion in future posts.

prosperity and abundance

We’re All Spiritual Beings Having A Physical Experience

You’ve no doubt heard a saying like this: “We are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience.”

That saying is absolutely accurate. However, there are many myths, lies, illusions and stories about what “physical experience” really means.

In our natural state as Spiritual Beings, we Experience what I call Infinite Power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Abundance and True Joy all the time.

Experiencing all of that is no big deal to who we REALLY are. It’s really quite ho-hum, even though many of us would do almost anything to Experience it.

We chose to have a physical experience to experience something different — just like we read books, go to movies, play video games, and visit Disney World to have all sorts of experiences different from our day-to-day “norm.”

We didn’t choose a physical experience to learn lessons, evolve, work off karma, earn our way into higher states of Consciousness or other dimensions, etc.

We came here to play, explore, and express ourselves creatively in ways that aren’t possible in our natural state — and in our Home that I affectionately refer to as “InfinteLand.”

The physical experience we came here to have, what I call “The Human Experience” or “The Human Game,” was divided into three “phases” that I call Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.

I’m going to introduce Phase 1 in this post, then come back to it and discuss Phase 2 and 3 in future posts.

A Spiritual Being can experience one, two or all three of the phases. It’s a choice, just like you can choose what books to read, what movies to watch, what video games to play, and what rides to ride at an amusement park.

In Phase 1 of The Human Game, the whole point was to allow us, as Spiritual Beings, to have an experience that’s OPPOSITE to our natural state.

So, since our natural state is Infinite Power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Abundance and True Joy, the goal in Phase 1 is to experience what’s possible with an the opposite experience, which means:

  • Not powerful, even powerless in most ways
  • Not wise, meaning we don’t know a lot of stuff and must learn it, or we’re actually “stupid” or “ignorant” in many ways
  • Not abundant, meaning a lack of abundance, or an experience of abundance that comes and goes
  • Not happy campers most of the time, but desperately wanting to be

Look around — at your own life and the lives of those you know and see around you. In our own unique ways, that’s how most people feel and perceive themselves in Phase 1!

Which brings me back to the biggest reason why the develop prosperity consciousness techniques fail.

As long as you’re playing in Phase 1, they must fail.


Because the whole point in Phase 1 is to experience the opposite of your natural state of Infinite Abundance!

Stay tuned for the continuing discussion of why attract abundance and prosperity techniques fail — and also about Phase 2 of The Human Game, and Phase 3 which is when experiencing True Abundance becomes possible again.

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    9 thoughts on “Why Prosperity And Abundance Techniques Fail — Part 2

    1. So I have a question: is this why it seems there are so many people in the ‘new age’ movement who, despite practicing all these ‘techniques’, are poor? Yes, it must be. But then why is it that so many people who have never heard of them, or any of your teachings, or who aren’t interested in anything spiritual, manage to be wealthy or at least well off?

      • This is a very complex question and a blog post comment is not really the place to discuss it in detail.

        What I shared in the post above is part of why anyone who struggles financially struggles financially — to one degree or another.

        But there are no rules or formulas for what appears to happen to people who play The Human Game. It’s all custom designed for us as unique characters in unique stories.

        As to healers, new agers, etc. in specific, again, there are no rules or formulas, but there are often beliefs, or what I call “additional layers of cloud cover” that say such things as “I’m not worthy…” or “Money or being wealthy or prosperous is wrong or bad,” or “Spirituality and making money aren’t compatible,” etc. That’s too simple but you get the idea.

    2. I have mixed feelings with your teachings, I believe them, I have experienced linguistic explanations as separate to reality and not accurate, yet language can explain experience to a degree. This I can see

      But What blocks me to accessing my true being is fear of letting go fully, fear of “consequences”, financial decline and loss of friends and family due to a dramatic change in my being. These fears hold me back from just “being”

    3. Ian … there’s something that was said to me many years ago, and I’ve consequently found it to be completely true. It might help you along too, so here it is — You will never be given more than you can handle.

      Give it a crack. Or don’t. Either way is cool.

    4. Well Robert….I happen to have a warm place in my heart for Lone Wolves…

      Way to go……

      Howling at the moon with you!


    5. Lone Wolves are believing they are lone wolves. That is an illusion itself. Language is the limiting factor eh? The mind interprets the language and makes judgments all the time when in Truth we can let go and can step out of the mind machine. Consequences are beliefs only but I do get how hard it seems to break free from the notion. Phase 1 rules are believed to entrap is and yet how to remove the judgment and belief. There is Inner Space, story space and Outer space (just being) and that is where the freedom lies. The metaphor of the latter has always been there as a beacon and I have missed it until now.
      Thanks Robert. Great appreciation for opening up your teachings like this.

      • This is a very helpful comment, although I still see judgements as language, (“this is good/bad”) and consequences and linguistic expectations that may or may not happen (“X, Y or Z may or may not happen as a result of taking this action”), Both of the above come about from explaining things away with words, and at the same time, I am yet to move in to phase 3 fully, which I look forward to.

    6. Hi Robert,
      Does that mean that when the techniques described in this blog post do work for some people, that’s because they are phase 2 players, whether they are aware of it or not?
      Because I do agree that they seldom work, but a few people, like some of the teachers that teach the techniques actually have ‘success’ making them work..
      Best regards,

      • When techniques appear to work, it’s because it’s part of someone’s story for them to appear to work and Consciousness creates that illusion. It’s that simple.

        Harry Potter waving his wand and saying a spell appears to work magic because J.K. Rowling wrote the story to appear that way!

        Same thing for us.