The Rings Of Relationship

There are many different types of relationships that support our lives and stories.

There’s the relationship with ourselves first and foremost.

But what I call The Human Game, The Human Experience, or The Human Story is a team sport for the most part, and so we also have relationships called family, acquaintances or bit players, friends, and romantic partnerships.

All these relationships form what I call “The Rings Of Relationship” which rotate through our lives and stories.

The audio you can play below or download will introduce you to how I see The Rings Of Relationship.

Click on the link below to listen:

Listen To The Episode

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    9 thoughts on “The Rings Of Relationship

    1. Very thoughtful and supportive and powerful!
      In relationships, when the gifts have been given, it’s time to move on.
      Who you really are is TCE!

      Thank you Robert

    2. Great audio, however it came across as very phase 1ish. Felt like you were saying there is power in the story-space i.e. ending a relationship because of discomfort.

      • Hi Mike … I hear you!

        This blog is read by people who are playing the P1, P2, and P3 games. I could share everything and make comments from the perspective of all 3 games, but that’s a bit complex and would be confusing for many.

        If I was recording the audio for just P2 players, or just P3 players, I would say things differently.

        In times like this, however, I assume P2 and P3 Players will “translate” — or ask me to share details through a P2 or P3 lens if they’re participating in something that included coaching.

        Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

    3. Hello.
      This podcast has definitely given me a lot to think about & work on, but one thing came to mind: what would you consider a person who is a teacher, like a college professor or a music instructor?

      Thank you Robert!

      • You can put them into many of the rings mentioned or create a new ring. Doesn’t really matter, and it depends on how much impact they have on a person. Teachers, etc. can have major or minor impact on our lives.

    4. If everything in Phase 1 is designed to keep us limited, and to keep us from knowing the Truth, and all the spiritual teachings we study are part of this illusion, then technically speaking, your own work is just another “illusion” or “decoy” to keep us from discovering the Truth. So how is it that your work is different from all the other spiritual teachers who also claim their way leads to the Truth? How is it that your work is “outside” the Phase 1 game, while their work isn’t?

      • As I See and have been Shown it, there is Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 of The Human Game.

        For each game, and to transition between them, coaches/teachers have been created as part of the story.

        As I See and have been Shown, my character, Robert, was created to be a coach for transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2, for playing the Phase 2 Game, for transitioning into Phase 3, and playing the Phase 3 Game.

        That is the difference.

        Of course, you are welcome to see it as you wish.

    5. Just wanted to add that out of the many videos and podcasts you’ve uploaded, this is one of the few times it doesn’t sound like an infomercial. It’s refreshing to hear you talk about life from time to time without pushing any products. 😉

      Looking forward to hearing more like this.