What The Olympics Can Teach Us About Truth And Reality Creation

rio-2016Besides being emotional, fascinating, entertaining, and fun …

Is it possible The Olympics, using the Rio 2016 Olympics as an example …

Has something to teach us and show us about Truth and “Reality Creation”?

To my bias, the answer is … Yes!

Watch the video below to get my brutally honest take on it.

Please be patient a few seconds for the purple welcome screen to give way to the actual video training.

Welcome and enjoy!

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    15 thoughts on “What The Olympics Can Teach Us About Truth And Reality Creation

    1. Excellent show this week. I am a competitive runner that is turning
      70 next year and this show was very helpful. This was not a good
      year for me running.

    2. I understand Robert that the video’s on Facebook work best using the Google Chrome browser. Posting this might make life a bit easier for yourself and viewers. I am aware of this due to my participation in another Facebook group that uses video. Refreshing is sometimes needed when things get stuck too! Loved your reference to enjoying the journey in your previous communication- like being present and not trying to get somewhere because I have a belief somehow I am not where I should be- which has ‘me’ experiencing pain. I forget all the time- lol. And I gotta say I love the light in your eyes and the warmth in your heart and the humour in your voice, and I swear a bit too. You are a joy to listen too Robert!

      • Thanks for the tip abut Chrome, Judith. I wasn’t ware of that and haven’t seen any problems or gotten any complaints.

        “Enjoy the journey” and “it’s about the journey, not the destination” are popular sayings in many teachings. For me, the problem always was, while I knew that was true and good advice, I was unable to “do” it (due to my own “inner demons”) until I’d knocked out a lot of cloud cover, the path was cleared to Experience Ultimate Freedom, and then it happened naturally, not as a technique or proactive doing thing.

        Thanks for your final comment too. A long journey led to the expression of light and warmth and humor you now see (and is now experienced). I enjoy feeling and expressing it very much!

    3. Hi Robert
      I like this a lot – it really follows on from the training I did with you in Sydney last year. For Tony & I, our story is unfolding rather well though in unexpected ways. TCE at work!! We are more conscious of our choices now and are out of the “blame game”. It really helps that we did the UFKI together. Thanks heaps

    4. Hey Robert,

      i wasnt here for a while and i am glad for “your teachings”. IT changed my life, IT killed myself – and my life started new – like a switcher: Off – ON or like the pill in matrix.

      Switching my life in the result of your teachings – i have no further clue of life anymore. I start living in the moment and taking ALL for a great experience created by myself – with the intention of becoming myself!

      Its not the life what i “would like” to have: being succesful in job or relationship or having a healthy body…but it is for me the only way of life possible to live on…because for me there is NO TRUTH in what i am seeing, hearing and experiencing OUT there – only what i feel is my truth now…

      LOVE Peter

      • As you know, I discovered that the life we THINK we want is very different from the life we REALLY want, meaning aligned with our unique missions and purposes. I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth, no matter where it takes you or how. 🙂

    5. You mention something very important above Robert which has been running around in innerspace- the distinction between idea’s and concepts and truisms, and direct knowing. I’ve played with your Being in Truth so ‘heard’ you speak about this but didn’t get it. I know you went to great lengths to give an understanding of this distinction. Is this something you can speak to one day in this forum Robert? I am not sure how many drips…. it will happen when it happens….