What’s Your Personal Growth, Self-Improvement, Self-Help, And Spiritual Growth “Type”?

Those who have a passion for personal growth, spiritual growth, self-help, self-improvement, spirituality, abundance, prosperity consciousness, life happiness, or whatever other labels you prefer that point to similar dynamics, tend to fall into 3 types that I call:

  1. Collectors
  2. Doers
  3. Transformers

Go from self-help book to self-help book, self-help seminar to self-help seminar, self-help video to self-help video, self-help audio to self-help audio, etc. —  collecting self-improvement ideas and concepts. For Collectors, everything remains at an intellectual or theoretical level, and they seldom if ever experience any lasting results. They just collect. Most Collectors have no idea that’s all they’re doing.

Go from self-improvement technique to self-improvement technique, personal growth strategy to personal growth strategy, spiritual growth healer to spiritual growth healer, taking action in an attempt to change, fix, and improve specific aspects of their lives (to produce specific results). Most Doers never find the self-improvement techniques or strategies that actually end up creating permanent and True Transformation.

After being a Collector or Doer for a while, or directly, they actually experience permanently transformative self-improvement and spiritual growth results. They actually end up Experiencing and Knowing Truth (with a capital “T”).

Collectors and Doers will never become Transformers … unless one radical shift is made in their “approach” or personal dynamics.

I began as a Collector, transitioned into being a Doer, and ultimately became a Transformer.

Of course, these are all just arbitrary labels being used to point to a Truth that ultimately cannot be described in words.

I recorded a video to go into more detail on this. You can watch it here:


    New York Times bestselling author, renegade, globetrotting speaker, coach and entrepreneur. Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, please share your comments below. And, if you resonate with what I shared, please share this post with others, however you prefer to share. Thanks in advance. :)

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    7 thoughts on “What’s Your Personal Growth, Self-Improvement, Self-Help, And Spiritual Growth “Type”?

    1. Nice framework, Robert. I can recognize where I have been all three in my life. Do all ‘collectors’ and ‘doers’ actually experience “permanently transformative self improvement and spiritual growth results”? Your next statement resonates more with me in that unless there is an interruption in their ‘way’ (my words), they will continue to be what you call ‘collectors’ and ‘doers’ hoping something will eventually stick. Great post for thought. I dig all your stuff, Robert! Regards – Robb Braun

    2. I’m a collector and doer. No doubt about it. Always looking for the next ‘tool’ I can use to help me overcome discontent and confusion. I’m miserable, and would have to be, considering the amount of books I’ve purchased over the years. I am tempted to believe that those who struggle along, oblivious to the idea that some people are in fact living a life of permanently transformative self improvement and spiritual growth, are spared the frustration and disappointment of remaining stuck in self improvement mode. After all, the desire to improve is founded on the premise ‘I’m not ok’, a painful belief indeed. Perhaps ignorance IS bliss. Who knows?

      • Beautiful honesty,Nic. I have asked myself many times if choosing the ‘red’ pill was really the best direction. And, I wouldn’t trade in knowing the truth for anything! That ‘miserable’ you write of may just be the painful soulful times of reflection necessary for you and I to transform into our truly ‘real’ selves. May be…

    3. I AM definitely a “Transformer” Robert… and I absolutely loved creating you and your contributions to My Story of coming full circle…

      We’re around the same age and I would love to tell you a story sometime about when I showed myself what was “Actual” vs what I call “Real” (The way I actually share the terms is “Actuality vs Reality”).

      What I showed myself was what I later experienced through, my Spiritual journey and ultimately sort of topping things off with what scientist have finally been forced to admit (the “Field”) via their quantum investigations and that is the part about nothing being solid in a supposedly Physical Universe or 3D (the 3rd Dimension, the only dimension you can “actually” experience physicality, as describe by “New Age Spiritually!”)

      When I had this experience of “Actuality”, it was around 1978. During this time, I was reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, and was having the time of my life leaning about the subconscious and the processes of thought. (I have seen his words/concepts repeated so many times along my journey, most notably described as the “Law Of Attraction” and I just love how Esther shares it in her series of books). [This of course, is silently referencing, “there’s nothing new under the sun”]

      Some of the experiences I was having around that time (before I had the experience of “Actuality”) were OBEs (out of body travel during dream state) and mind reading episodes where I would be talking to someone and would know the very next complete sentence or thought they’d express, verbatim!

      One of the coolest things was the creation of my “Master Mind Group” (method learned from Think and Grow Rich) in which I would be able to attain answers to questions or problems that I could not solve during conscious states (waking life).

      During this time, everyday was like living in a dream, a real natural high (for which I’ve yet to reproduce via artificial means… when I was trying that is 🙂 and when I went to bed at night, oh boy, I just couldn’t wait to get to sleep!

      Ironically enough though, I’ve been to Hell and back, many times over since those days… As I was telling one of my kids once, sometimes I scare myself when I reminisce about some of my story lines. It’s no wonder this Human Experience is so comparatively addictive..!

      Robert, I could go on for an hour and wouldn’t even scratch the surface so I’ll just close by saying thank you… Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this human experience (Oh yeah, thanks for your spell checker too! It’s almost troubling to believe I once championed a many spelling contest.)

    4. WOW! Great term, Robert – Transformer – I read the books, skimmed over the “doer’ – and dove right into the TRANSFORMER! and, like you, Floyd – lol – looking back at some of the wild situations now – horrors!! lol But my favorite expression is, ‘an experience is an experiment — and vice a versa… I have ironically, more than mastered the most RIDICULOUS (and exasperating to others, who think I am crazy) how to manifest things for FREE, even in the most incongruous hours of the night, or the middle of nowhere. Then, as recently, I have gotten ‘caught up’ in my own people/character ‘creations’… UGH! I mean, am i THAT bored? But truly – to the nth detail sometimes, w/ out receiving what I REALLY want, as in like, now, a house – but the universe is creating the other things, so fast. As I also love to say, take the S out of Cosmic and you get – the best Comic, practical joker’s wild of all.. the greast Cosmic Joke! OR cash at this time… yes, I still occasionally slip. But then re-mind self as whatever ‘it’ is occurring I AM MAKING THIS UP!! (I realize I AM easily amused by myself!!)

      Thanks so much, Robert… I love others’ stories, as it gives that inspiration/ validation.. I call it like, the Doers and the BEERS – so let’s all go out and have a brew! (And play w/ the Transformer robots?! 🙂

    5. Hi,

      I’m in the process of becoming a transfomer, although given the fact that I can’t ‘become’ who I really am, let’s say that I’m beginning to see the light that’s always been me. Little did I know when I started my reiki course, that I would finally feel the truth of who I really am. What’s really doing the trick has been to stop seeking out there…