Brutally Honest Talk About If Thoughts Create Your Reality

Welcome to this first episode of my new video series called …

Brutally Honest Tuesdays

As the name would suggest, in each video, I’ll take a brutally honest look at what I call “the party line” as it relates to personal development, spiritual development, Spirituality and related topics …

I’ll pop myths, and help you to transform what I call “lies, illusions and stories” into a Direct Experience of Truth.

I’ll encourage you look at what’s REALLY going on, versus being blinded by what the party line says about what’s going on …

And a lot more.

In this first episode, I’ll tell you more about the video series and its first topic:


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    3 thoughts on “Brutally Honest Talk About If Thoughts Create Your Reality

    1. Hi Robert, I have heard you speak on this before, years ago. I needed to see it for myself. What really had me hooked was that the manifestation teachings supposedly came from non-physical teachers. My thinking was that they had to be the real deal. I figured that human teachers are flawed (no offense) but that non-physical beings must know the Truth and have no ego. But, as you say, it all comes down to the fact that manifesting does not work. I had to be shown this and I had to look at it honestly. Actually, I have gone back and forth from your teachings to manifestation teachings over the last few years. They completely oppose each other and yet I kept trying. An illusion that had a very strong hold but has finally dissolved. I believed in that myth for over 25 yrs even though I never manifested anything I wanted. I figured the fault lay with me, that I didn’t want it badly enough, wasn’t trying hard enough or wasn’t doing it right. Looking at it with brutal honesty was key. And even though your teachings resonate strongly with me I still need to see for myself what’s true and what’s not, just as you tell us to do.
      Always nice to connect with you, Rose.

      • Hi Rose … nice to hear from you again. Of course you should always find out Truth for yourself and never simply take anyone else’s word on it.

        The other key here is that at The Truth Level, there’s no difference between “non-physical entities” and “humans” and certainly no higher-lower hierarchy, although the story usually includes one.

        In a novel or movie that includes physical and non-physical entities, is there any real difference?


        To my bias and Experience, it’s ALL just True Creative Essence in motion, and what appears, physical or non-physical, or the dance of both, is specifically designed to support various stories unfolding in all their uniqueness.


    2. I’ve always felt there was something more. I’ve dabbled into so many “spiritual” teachings, but oddly enough I never stuck with any of them. From astrology, to numerology, reiki, manifestation, traditional meditation, metaphysics, psychics, and more. Whenever I felt like something no longer resonated with me or as if I had outgrown the concept, I moved on. I’ve never been the type to stick with something that no longer served me. I’ve been called everything from fickled to unable to stick with anything.

      I always felt there was something more than all the teachings. That there was something I had to discover for myself. I knew the “true” secret was not in fact a secret at all but more like a realization. So, I kept going. If something resonated I’d do it, and when it no longer suited me I let it go. This created a feeling of being unstable due to the perceptions and beliefs about what one must do to get stability.

      While listening to someone speak on the internet they mentioned your book. I read “busting loose from the money game” and it felt like I was at home. I decided some time ago I no longer wanted to “try” and read books. So now I only read books that come to me in a spontaneous way. This one came in a round about way and I am truly grateful for this creation.

      I have learned to trust “life”. I stopped searching because I felt like The search could go on forever. And then, I also had to ask, “What is it I’m searching for”. Something I already knew. Something that I would be guided to. Something that required nothing of me.

      I think that trusting ourselves is so important. Even when it makes no sense and everyone else has something to say about it. I also think there is a tendency to take the events of “life” too serious. We should remain light as a feather in our approach to this human experience. I look at my four children and am awed by their innocence.

      Anyhow, thanks for creating what you have and sharing your expression with us all.