How Can I Finally Break The Patterns That Keep Repeating In My Life?

Have you been frustrated by the same patterns that keep repeating in your life with:

  • Money
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Body
  • Something else


Have you tried all sorts of techniques to break the patterns, and bring something new into your life, but nothing works?

Are you ready to discover The Truth about the core cause of the repeating patterns?

Would you like to know the only way I ever found to permanently break my patterns, and open the door to something new?

In the audio recording below, I share my brutally honest perspective on the answers to these questions, and other related ones.

Questions I hear all the time …

Questions I have heard all the time …

Throughout the decades I’ve been a Teacher and Coach.

Listen by clicking on the purple button below to listen here, or right-click on the button below to download the audio and listen to it on the device of your choosing::


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    6 thoughts on “How Can I Finally Break The Patterns That Keep Repeating In My Life?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Why do you call it the Human Story now vs the Human Game? I’m wondering what insights and experiences you’ve had that have influenced you into changing the descriptors you use.


      • Hi Adrianna. Thanks for reaching out. The Human Game is still useful and relevant. As I went more deeply into Truth, it became clear to be that the idea of story and storytelling is key to everything we experience in our lives, so I changed my language when I began offering The Ultimate Freedom Teachings and The Ultimate freedom Experience.