What Makes The Bars Of Your Cage So Strong


I can’t recall where  this came from, but the message is very important and I wanted to share it with you.

Bars, of course, means “The Cloud Cover”:













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    26 thoughts on “What Makes The Bars Of Your Cage So Strong

    1. Yes,and looking into the mirror, I just realized that my wounded aspects are my jailmates! They are spinning me round and round…enough!

    2. This comment makes me feel so excited as the Truth Virus takes hold and I let go of my ‘list’ and the exciting times roll. I can’t believe the amazing things that have happened since entering Phase 3 x

    3. thankyou, thankyou i sent this quote to my son in prison, he totally understood why he was there. there is freedom within and freedom without
      He is currently dynamiteing his BLUEPRINT

    4. a provocative graphical statement, certainly
      the implication being what?

      “the less you know for sure, the better?”
      or “forget everything”?
      or “stand upon nothing, except temporarily”?
      or “build a cage to your own liking”?
      or “all knowledge and every position taken is nothing but yet another illusion”?
      Solomon in Ecclesiastes (of the Old Testament) has a lot to say about this; summed up the last verses as “it is ALL vanity”.

      • Hello David, Just finished reading your post
        from what you wrote, it appears the Illusions of the World [ including the
        [ holy] bible is a Big Chunk of Cloud Cover, You have been fully immersed in Lies Illusions and BLeePing STORIES. WAKE UP come out of Hypnoses, See You on the Other Side or maybe you could watch a movie on youtube called
        What the BLeep do we know 12 parts 10 minutes each this will back up Roberts work, Happy Creating

        • Valerie…
          let’s see now… are you generally so good at handing out evaluations? I’m good at that too. My evaluation is that you have your own head in the clouds (cover). If you knew me, you’d know that I have plenty of criticisms of Christian (limited) understandings promoted. But I also think that what Jesus actually taught not only includes the info Robert is touching upon, but actually goes much further.
          Have you, personally, yet been able to say calm a storm or feed numbers of people out of nothing. The feeding part, I haven’t done… but I have (probably) significantly modified storms.
          IF you weren’t so – as you say – “hypnotized” yourself, you wouldn’t respond the way you just did. So… take a look at yourself, your reactions, your allegiances…

        • oh… and I forgot to mention… yes I saw Bleep a long time ago. My impression of the film was that several of those interviewed were presenting a mix of meaningful insight combined with relative nonsense (otherwise called “shit”).

          As you perhaps know: people tend to get carried away with themselves and with the NEW stories they are taking as real…. especially when they have an agenda to promote themselves and products to sell.

            • ok…. Valerie
              here is what I am getting this morning as a result of an experience yesterday. I share the info in case it may apply to you, too, & in some way be useful.
              IF this is a time of “paradigm” change for anyone personally it means a JUMP of significant proportions. It is a major disruption… a major discontinuity. It isn’t about “better understanding” as an addition to what was thought before, but is instead a completely different way of understanding. The doorway (which is both an exit from “the old” and an entry to “the new”) appears as a discontinuity…. as an intrusion from another level. The advice is: notice, and pay attention to, and FOLLOW THE DISCONTINUITY.
              Cease trying to accommodate and integrate that discontinuity into “old understanding”. Or even into a new understanding articulated by another. That is: Be your own Master.

    5. High David, my husband just clarified what you said.
      yes your correct I recall being put into a mental hospital because i believed i was god herself this was HUGH discontinuality of the life i was living

      • Valerie… sounds like you’ve experienced difficulty finding mental balance. I myself encounter such difficulty too, but not to the point of treatment. Here’s the thing: many of the ideas Robert Scheinfeld (for example) explores and expresses would appear crazy to many people… both religious people and scientific people. Yet to me, at least, only some of his ideas are “crazy” or “off” and others are incredibly insightful and useful, too, if one can apply them into life. So what is “crazy”, really? For example is it not crazy to have stockpiles of nuclear weapons ready to launch at a moments notice? And isn’t it crazy that many humans and human societies seem bent on other kinds of self-destruction as well? In other words: much that is generally regarded as “sane” in modern life is actually crazy. And even more astounding is that while most people think today’s human society is very advanced in understanding the nature of reality… the truth appears to be that instead we are only informed about a small segment of “reality”… that all kinds of “impossible” things can – and do – occur… miracles of creation.

        So where that balance point is… and how to live in it…. is quite the challenge. To experience and learn about what REAL sanity is, is our quest. You know that “sane” is defined as “whole”. Most of us humans are highly-fragmented, divided against ourselves, and thus distorted. Finding out what “whole” means is the journey, it seems to me.

      • Dee… your comment really provoked me… so dealing with that, I came to some clarity this morning. Which boils down to this: I can be a creator or I can be an analyst making critiques, having discussions etc. The latter is basically being a theologian.. a function that I generally despise. That is: a person can actually DO creation (with heightened, conscious awareness (as compared to unconscious remote control)), or he can spend a great deal of time talking/writing about it (on forums like this). I am exposed quite a bit to Christian style thinking due to my wife’s personal focus. In the Old Testament, The Book of Ecclesiastes addresses this subject. The conclusion is that all these discussions, all these teachings, all these debates and investigations are “vanity”. (Following this internally supplied “rebuke”, I am most likely bidding adieu.)

        • it appears that your wife tells You were and what to focus on. It appears that Your trying to find another way to make scence of the OLD testament, it boils down to this…. You are Creating and Destroying weather your on auto pilot or aware.
          Your Script is already written you will continue on this same story until you physically die or your higher self chooses to discover itself in this lifetime, it really doesn’t matter when or were you find The Truth, p.s. maybe your wife might like to get exposed to some NEW testaments

    6. High David, thankyou for your comments. I came out of insanity 4 years ago after Experiencing Roberts Home Transformational pack I actually caught myself in an ACT of Mania on Witnessing this the whole Bipola Game Collapsed, then while in a verbal argument with my husband i witnessed myself Acting from an old bit of [cloud cover] and burst into laughter my verbal attacts on my husband Collapsed, each new day my husband and i find ourselves back on autopilot for very short periods of time but were in TRUTH enough to collapse each others [ cloud cover] as it shows itself, we are currently Experiencing Roberts understanding of Being in Truth, and we are delighted with this Experience… thats about it for now hope this helps You understand were i am …Cheers

    7. Everything posted above was actually written by True Creative Essence (“God”) who used all of us amazing characters it created to have this cool dialogue.