It’s All Just An Amazing Ride In An Amazing Amusement Park

A key part of The Teachings I share is that The Human Experience is a game …

A three-dimensional, total immersion story experience …

And all of our experiences can be looked at as if they’re rides in an amazing amusement park …

The video below, from the late comedian Bill Hicks, points to this in a fun way.

I invite you to click on the play button below and give it a watch.
If you’d like to actually Experience YOUR life as an amazing ride …

Not as a technique, but as your natural, 24×7, way of Being, no matter what’s going on in your story …

I invite you to discover The Teachings offered on this site if you’re new to them …

Or go deeper into them if you’re already familiar with them.

I also invite you to share the love if you enjoy the video in the way(s) you prefer.

And I welcome your comments below.

Hopefully I’ll live a while longer …



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    6 thoughts on “It’s All Just An Amazing Ride In An Amazing Amusement Park

    1. I love how you find these things, Robert. This is becoming more real to me everyday. Exponentially. What a ride!

    2. That is such a cool video! Great creation Robert/Cecily etc! Joyous and adventurous times to all!

    3. This is an awesome video, thanks so much, Robert! ♥
      I am one of these people whom they are always tring to kill for telling the truth; hopefully they won’t do it to you :)))