Must Spiritual Growth And Spiritual Awakening Breakthroughs Be Preceded By Craziness And Pain?

In this episode of “Friday Q&As,” I’m answering the following question that was submitted by Sydney about spiritual growth, spiritual awakening, and spiritual awakening symptoms:

“From what you have related, it appears that before any big breakthrough, something ‘crazy’ must happen i.e. from P1 to P2 and P2 to P3 – at least in your story. Doesn’t this suggest a repetitive cycle ad infinitum?”

Sydney is referring to what happened to me in my journey through the cloud cover …

In my story, where the BIG spiritual awakening Breakthroughs in my story came after a lot of craziness and pain, as it appeared when I was in the middle of it.

The keyword in her question is “must.”

Must craziness and pain be experienced?


Does The Journey tend to be perceived that way when you’re in the middle of it?


For specific reasons.

Is it a bad thing?


Do the people who take The Journey through the cloud cover, including me, wish it hadn’t happened when they come out the other end of the Experience, are playing in The Sunshine, and Experiencing Ultimate Freedom in their stories?


That’s not how I feel about it.

And that’s not how anyone else I know of who took The Journey, sees it.

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    3 thoughts on “Must Spiritual Growth And Spiritual Awakening Breakthroughs Be Preceded By Craziness And Pain?

    1. what I’ve called this process you describe so well is “The Disillusionment Cycle”.
      Of course there is at least a double meaning: 1) it feels bad, difficult etc. “I feel disillusioned” but 2) that is exactly what the process is: getting rid of illusions

    2. Using your language, I jumped through the portal into P3 about a month ago, after some major waves of craziness, and I seem to be still in an adaptation phase. It’s like every single ‘button’ I had was being pushed to such a ridiculous point that the whole reality simulation (with all its foreshadowing, leit motifs & plot complications) was too obvious to ignore. The precision of the elements of my Story was so perfectly crafted that I could no longer pretend it was random or coincidental. Since then, I have mostly been in a state alternating between awe, gratitude & amusement. I’m not yet “playing in the sunshine” all the time – the Mind Machine still can capture my attention, but I don’t buy into it for long.

      Prior to last month, I had glimpses into this state for several years, but would always be subsumed back into the P1 mindset when things got crazy – not enough cloud cover knocked out yet. But now, the craziness seems to be triggering P3 awareness (the aforementioned awe/gratitude/amusement), instead of freakouts, suffering & hating my life. The craziness still continues, but the way I experience it has shifted dramatically.

      And since I made that cross into the P3 territory, new opportunities that I never would have dreamed possible are appearing. My Mind Machine is still churning out old programming, but it doesn’t have the same power to affect me emotionally like it used to. As I said before, I am still adjusting & learning how to navigate the new landscape, but I am having so much more fun.

      Thank you, Robert, for playing Morpheus to my Neo.