Do You Hunger To Live On “The Razor’s Edge”?

The video clip below is taken from a movie called The Razor’s Edge, starring Tyrone Power, which was made in 1946 and based on Somerset Maugham’s classic book.

To my bias, it captures, in a few short minutes, the feeling I call “Ultimate Freedom” …

What it’s like to have the Experience of Ultimate Freedom Awakening …

And the fact that Ultimate Freedom can be Experienced, 24×7, every day,  as you live your daily life …

No matter what you do, or what’s happening in your life or the world.

As you probably know, I use the words “True Creative Essence” and “Who You Really Are” instead of “God,” but you’ll know what’s meant when the word God is used in the clip …

And maybe that’s your preferred word.

in the clip, the Tyrone Power character is returning to his Spiritual Master and Teacher after a long and arduous journey in search of The Experience Of Truth, which was his passion and greatest hunger.

Click the play button below and prepare to be inspired and feel deeply.

I invite you to watch the clip more than once …

And maybe get the movie or read the book, as the story is fascinating.


Would you like to feel what the character above felt, to Experience Ultimate Freedom, not as a blip or temporary thing (like in the clip), but 24×7, no matter what’s going on in your life or the world?


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Can You Think Your Way Into An Experience Of Truth, Phase 3, And Ultimate Freedom?

In this episode of Friday Q&As, I answer a subscriber question …

And take a brutally honest look at the limitations of thinking, analysis, understanding, logic and intellect …

And what it REALLY takes to Experience Truth, Phase 3 and Ultimate Freedom.

Right-click on the image below to download the transcript:


Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, I welcome your comments below …

Must Spiritual Growth And Spiritual Awakening Breakthroughs Be Preceded By Craziness And Pain?

In this episode of “Friday Q&As,” I’m answering the following question that was submitted by Sydney about spiritual growth, spiritual awakening, and spiritual awakening symptoms:

“From what you have related, it appears that before any big breakthrough, something ‘crazy’ must happen i.e. from P1 to P2 and P2 to P3 – at least in your story. Doesn’t this suggest a repetitive cycle ad infinitum?”

Sydney is referring to what happened to me in my journey through the cloud cover …

In my story, where the BIG spiritual awakening Breakthroughs in my story came after a lot of craziness and pain, as it appeared when I was in the middle of it.

The keyword in her question is “must.”

Must craziness and pain be experienced?


Does The Journey tend to be perceived that way when you’re in the middle of it?


For specific reasons.

Is it a bad thing?


Do the people who take The Journey through the cloud cover, including me, wish it hadn’t happened when they come out the other end of the Experience, are playing in The Sunshine, and Experiencing Ultimate Freedom in their stories?


That’s not how I feel about it.

And that’s not how anyone else I know of who took The Journey, sees it.

Listen to the audio to discover more:

Listen To The Episode

Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, I welcome your comments below.