Straight Talk About Prosperity And Abundance, Prosperity Consciousness, And How To Attract Abundance

OK. Today it’s time for some straight talk about prosperity and abundance, prosperity consciousness, and how to attract abundance.

You’ll find some text here at the top and an audio recording at the bottom from my Illusions And Truth Show podcast that’ll help you go more deeply into The Truth about prosperity and abundance, prosperity consciousness, and how to attract abundance.

What do you think of when you think about prosperity and abundance?

I’m not talking about what you might say about prosperity and abundance to pass a test, appear smart or spiritual, or recycle something you’ve learned.

I’m talking about what you really believe about prosperity and abundance.

Most honest talk about prosperity and abundance centers around 3 things:

  • Having lots of money — a big surplus over your “fixed overhead”
  • Being able to spend freely on whatever, especially stuff and things (cars, clothes, first-class airfare, electronic toys, luxury items, having a big and beautiful home, multiple homes, etc.)
  • “Lots of…” in general

In fact, the dictionary definition of prosperity is “successful in material terms; flourishing financially” and the dictionary definition of abundance is “a very large quantity of something;  plentifulness of the good things of life.”

That’s Not What Prosperity And Abundance Really Are

Most definitions of prosperity and abundance are filled with fantasies that will never actually manifest.

Prosperity and abundance aren’t about money, income, net worth, stuff and things, or lots of <fill in the blank>.

Prosperity and abundance are about power. Prosperity and abundance are about a specific form of creative power being freely in motion.

When I say creative power, I’m not talking about “manifesting” or creative visualization or affirmations or the law of attraction or any of the other popular self-help and personal growth and success techniques.

I’m talking about a different form of creative power that has nothing to do with you as an individual doing anything.

 Go Deeper Into The Truth
About Prosperity And Abundance

Below is the audio recording I mentioned. It’s taken from a live radio interview I did. It’s jam-packed with content about what prosperity and abundance really are, and, most importantly, how to actually experience True prosperity and abundance on a consistent basis.

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    15 thoughts on “Straight Talk About Prosperity And Abundance, Prosperity Consciousness, And How To Attract Abundance

    1. Robert – you were the first one to tell the Truth about what prosperity and abundance really was vs. the traditional self-help “methods” of creative visualization, law of attraction, etc. I always wondered if these were laws and rules, why didn’t they work every time? Now with your teachings, I feel like I finally “get it”. You have unveiled the curtain to see what’s really going on. It’s been a blast and quite a relief knowing that life itself is the prize, the adventure – all the good and bad that we perceive. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me with what I’ve learned from you – and life is much different, easier, sweeter than ever before. thanks! Cathy

    2. Hey Robert,

      It was great to get a refresher from you on the Human Game… good information in this audio and great to hear from a new perspective.

      Bought your book “Busting Loose from the Money Game” back in 2008 and I read it in a day… I just couldn’t put it down.

      At the time I got lost in the cloud cover when it came to the Phase 2 part of the game. Now, I understand what you were trying to teach and I’ve been having a lot more fun playing…

      Thanks again for posting such rich content. Maybe I could interview you on my blog sometime 🙂

    3. Robert I can definitely say that I appreciate your telling the Truth. I’ve been following you since the days of your Phase 1 teaching of the 11th Element that I got from Nightingale Conant.

      I think graduated to the Busting Loose books and as I read your information I felt alone. I felt alone because as resonated with the information I seemed to have no one in my circle to share and discuss the information with. I also didn’t want what you were saying to be True.

      It was not until this year that I really begin to understand what you were saying. Have read so many self-help books that ultimately did not work long-term for me. I always thought I was self-sabotaging myself.

      Later on I realized that the so-called self help was a big cosmic joke. How can you improve on an Infinite Being from Infinite Land?

      We are so up in our heads and think that we can think our way through this process but I now know that it’s experiential and individual.

      I cannot wait to send you my “expressions of appreciation” for the Being in Truth Experience course and eventually the Masters of Light course.

      I am definitely in Phase 2 and the way my mind is perceives it as very painful and scary. However, I know I must go on even when I don’t think I can. If it were not for you I certainly would see my situation as hopeless. I am at the point that I can’t go back to Phase 1 even if I wanted to.

      I’m finally ready to reclaim my power and begin claiming back my power.

      Thank you so much for all that you do and for not pussy-footing around and giving to us straight.

      • Rickey, I resonate with all your words. They are mine so to speak. Glad Robert is ‘straightening up.’
        Adds more fun to the game.
        I am amazed at the changes I have made and yet they’d be labelled weird, ‘bad’, strange by Phase 1 players.
        The transformation goes on.

    4. Dear Robert,

      It’s with deep gratitude I thank you for everything you share in “Busting Loose from The Money Game”. I have no fear to look for the eggs I’ve placed somewhere and “deal” with them as I’m supposed to…it feels like I finally advanced to a higher level in a video game…for some reason I already knew everything in this mind blowing book. Thank you!

    5. I understand what you mean about struggling in phase 2. Sometimes it gets very hard to keep this up and it is quite frustrating in the prossess of getting what you really need, not want and how does anyone know the difference. Thank you none the less for supporting me on my phase 2 just being. Lydia