If All The Prosperity And Abundance Techniques Are So Magical, Why Hasn’t The World Changed?

Millions of people bought copies of a book called The Secret that claimed to offer a magic formula for creating prosperity and abundance and “attracting” whatever you want.

Millions of other books have been sold claiming to offer magic formulas for developing an abundance mentality, how to attract money, prosperity thinking, wealth consciousness, on and on.

On top of all those books, zillions of DVDs, CDs, ebooks, online courses, videos and audios have been shared also claiming to offer magic formulas.

All told, millions of people have spent God knows how much time, money and energy applying the magic formulas for manifesting abundance.

And this isn’t just happening now. It has been going on throughout all of recorded history.

prosperity consciousness

So here are two million dollar questions for you …

  1. Is the world a more prosperous and abundant place as a result of all that time, money, energy and effort?
  2. Is the average person who applied the magic formulas (including you) experiencing more prosperity and abundance on a consistent basis?

The truth?


Oh sure, there are lots of stories about people who applied the magic formulas and experienced more prosperity and abundance, but …

Some are true, many aren’t true, and the vast majority experienced temporary increases in abundance that didn’t last.

And don’t even get me started on whether their overall quality of life improved, even if their net worth or bank account did (although I will “get started” in a future blog post).

The bottom line is, after all the millions of dollars, hours, and energies invested, with few real exceptions, the world hasn’t changed at all, and very few individual lives have either.

Not one bit.

In fact, many would say the current “recession” is one of the worst on record, and others fear the worst is yet to come.

So here’s the next million dollar question …


If the formulas are so powerful and magical, why hasn’t the world, your life, and the lives of millions of others throughout the world changed?

There’s gotta be a reason.

Stay tuned to this blog and I’ll reveal the answer, step by step, over time, one piece at a time.

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    42 thoughts on “If All The Prosperity And Abundance Techniques Are So Magical, Why Hasn’t The World Changed?

    1. The only way to get different results in my personal experience is to think and act differently than I have in the past. Plus the ability to concentrate on the next step forward fully, whilst refocusing every time the mind wanders.

      This is not the formula for happiness of course, but the formula for obtaining physical goals. As happiness comes from being, not doing.

      • I will be inviting you and others to consider the possibility that the old formula of “think differently and act differently to produce different results” isn’t True and is actually part of “the problem”!

        • I look forward to hearing your fresh perspective on the whole thing. Although, to use a simple example of my perspective; I have a bottle of water beside me. First I thought “I will not pick it up”, I then did not act and the bottle stayed still. After, I thought “I will pick it up”, I then took the action of grabbing it, unscrewing it and drinking from it which resulted in the bottle of water moving and my thirst being quenched.

          The change in thought and mainly the change in action lead to a different result.

        • Perhaps it is the “wanting” that creates problems for us. Maybe if we were to just accept things as they come to us and be willing to experience whatever comes just as it is – we would be free of the wanting that never materializes.

          We learned to want and have been taught that this is a good thing. Perhaps a revision on this might be necessary.

          • For me, It’s not the wanting that creates problems and “negative” emotions, it’s having the perception that getting it is good and not getting it is bad the creates the problem.

            It is possible to have desires and attach no meaning to weather I obtain the desire. I have grown to a point where I do this regularly. That way I have no meaning attached to the outcome and can just play with my desires, even though they are inherently meaningless.

            Inherently Meaningless thoughts and events (anything that can be interpreted in multiple ways, has no inherent meaning, otherwise alternative meanings would be impossible) have no definite cause and effect link on a persons internal emotional state

            I have found the realisation that all my value judgements are illusionary interpretations that appear to be how reality is occurring, and when this is seen through, emotional upheaval occur’s rarely. On the occasion’s when it does, I either just allow the emotion to be, or dissolve it by seeing the truth, that all is empty and meaningless.

            Having the ability to accept and experience emotion, or dissolve it, I feel, is the best way.

            • Ian:

              From what I now See and Experience, I agree with most of what you share above.

              My question for you is this. Why would you want to “dissolve” an emotion unless you were still judging it and thinking it would somehow be “better” if it was gone?

              My Experience is that ALL emotions can be Experienced without names, labels, or judgments being present, and all of them can be experienced as “pleasant” or “welcome” or whatever word you want to use (they’re all inaccurate) — with no desire for any of them to go away, be dissolved, or be any different than they are.

        • Robert, so appreciative of this blog. Just gorgeous. Just so spot on.
          All those formulas and rules just suck us back into Phase 1 and perpetuate the patterns of old. So much ego stuff. So many beliefs that are crippling rather than freeing.
          I nearly went crazy following LOA shite.
          Lately I have found that fleeting thoughts have as much power as any great focus and it is interesting to see how they are ‘manifested’ if they ever do.
          Que sera – laerning to live with that much more.
          Love your work RObert. Love you.


        • I have been saying the same thing for several years. The t3echniques are useful for temporary relief from the emotional distress most people suffer in their human experience. Things really “change” when we know who we are and are aware of what is real and what is not real. Robert’s busting loose teachings made sense to me immediately because I had studied metaphysics, philosophy, eastern teachings and quantum physics for years. However, I must admit that “knowing” who we are and why we are here does not result in “experiencing” ourselves as our Real Self. The work comes after that. But being able to remind ourselves of the truth gives us the inspiration and motivation to continue regardless of what takes place in outer space (the 3rd dimension) or inner space (or thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, etc – including what is commonly called “subconscious programming.”

          I am appreciative that I created Robert to come into my human experience a few years ago, and I appreciate his current (Phase 3) teachings which are more “spiritual” (for lack of a better word) in nature.

      • Ian to me success and happiness in life, is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal (which ofcourse only you can define) I resonate with your approach to life.

    2. I am slowly but steadily discovering that what I thought was ‘rich thinking’ is nothing to do with LOA, manifestation etc. In fact, those things I suspect are just another way for the ego to try to control life and make it go the way it wants. Ha! I have been so frustrated by LOA appearing to work sometimes, but not others, so I really love your work. Thank you…

    3. I think the only real way to be truly happy is to be totally, ultimately forgiving. Not in a you-did-something-wrong-and-I’m-so-magnanimous way, but in a this-is-all-an-illusion-that-I-created-so-you-CAN’T-do-anything-wrong kind of way.
      Also, given ANY group of people doing a ‘chicken in the rain’ dance SOMEONE will get an unexpected check for something and will attribute it to the chicken dance and send in a testimonial. I’ve learned not to listen to THOSE stories anymore.
      I’ve been reading “A Course in Miracles’ and am surprised to be reading your Busting Loose ideas there. Were you inspired by it by any chance? I think your delivery is more easily accepted by the left-brain. It was nice to notice it.
      You are a great gift and I’m so glad I ‘created you’ 🙂

      • Thanks for the kind and appreciative words, Nina. From where I sit, what you’re calling “forgiving” (which is different from how most people would define the word) is part of what opens the door to True Happiness, but only part of it.

        I totally agree with what you say about the chicken dance. That’s what happens a lot. What also happens a lot is people ignore all the times a technique fails, zero in on the time or few times it APPEARED to work, conclude it’s magical, and then tell everyone else it’s magical

        I have never studied Course In Miracles but I’ve been told by many people there are many similarities and many big differences (if you look closely) to the Busting Loose work.

        Cheers …

        • I see what your getting at, changing thinking and doing does not always get me what I want, It has seemed to increase the chances of the change I want happening, but is by no means a magic formula that always works.

          What is gonna happen is gonna happen, and is it the I or the “I” that is really making the decisions…


        • Robert, have you studied Kaballah? it seems like alot of your principles are similar (ego/phase 1 versus phase 11 etc.)
          in either case, i admire your work. would like to find out more about classes/workshops you are offering.


          • No I never have studied Kaballah, although I have been told there are some similarities as you suggest.

            I have been taken on an extraordinary journey into Truth, a journey that began when I was 12. The Teachings I share have been the result of me narrating and sharing where I was taken on that journey, what I personally saw, what I personally experienced, what I personally discovered in terms of helping others replicate what happened to me, etc.

            The Teachings came from deep personal experience. They did not come from me reading books, studying other systems, having a guru, recycling or adapting other teachings, etc. — although I have looked at many dynamics over the years and have a lot of experience with many systems.

            To find out more about the online courses I offer, visit here:


    4. I agree! There are too many people out there selling useless material. I feel that the problem is that these Miracle courses are centered around those who believe they are Lacking in one or more areas of life.

      It’s all made up anyway. Even our beloved Einstein made it up when he dreamed up E=MCfoursides.

      I would like to see something useful for the world to embrace or to let go of so that there are no limits in this lifetime.

    5. Could part of it be “what you resist, persists”. I mean if a multitude of people are trying to create abundance and bring prosperity into their lives, aren’t they saying that they don’t like or accept their present financial condition, so the opposite shows itself into the world as we know it today!


        • Well that’s a relief! What we resist persists is a tough nasty one. But something you said once Robert was in that realm. I’d love that you expanded on the ‘resistance’ belief. If INfinite “I” is driving the bus, which I see more and more, then the belief is redundant?

          • Yes, the belief is redundant. It’s one of those things that appears to be true. It’s a very convincing illusion, but it weakens and drops away when he Light Of Truth shines on it — literally, experientially.

            I don’t recall ever making a statement along those lines, but maybe I was pinging to something different.

            Thanks for the comments and kind words.

    6. “Watch your thoughts as you watch the street traffic, People come and go: you register without response. It may not be easy in the beginning, but with some practice you will find that your mind can function on many levels at the same time and you can be aware of the all. It is only when you have a vested interest in any particular level, that your attention gets caught in it and you black out on other levels. Even then the work on the blacked out levels goes on, outside the field of consciousness. Do not struggle with your memories and thoughts; try only to include in your field of attention the other, more important questions like, “Who am I?”, “How did I happen to be born?”, “Whence this universe around me?”, “What is real and what is momentary?”. No memory will persist, if you lose interest in it; always seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, always after happiness and peace. Don’t you see that it is your very search for happiness that makes you feel miserable? Try the other way: indifferent to pain and pleasure, neither asking, nor refusing, give all your attention to the level on which “I am” is timeless and present. Soon you will realize that peace and happiness are in your very nature and it is only seeking them through some particular channels, that disturbs.

      Just look away from all that happens in your mind and bring it to the feeling “I am”. The “I am” is not a direction. It is the negation of all direction. Ultimately even the “I am” will have to go, for you need not keep on asserting what is obvious. Bringing the mind to the feeling “I am” merely helps in turning the mind away from everything else. When the mind is kept away from its preoccupations, it becomes quiet. If you do not disturb this quiet and stay in it, you find that it is permeated with a light and a love you have never known; and yet you recognize it at one as your own nature. Once you have passed through this experience, you will never be the same man again; the unruly mind may break its peace and obliterate its vision; but it is bound to return, provided the effort is sustained; until the day when all bonds are broken, delusions and attachments end, and life becomes supremely concentrated in the present.” (or shall we say the sunshine?) Thanks Robert!

      Nisargaddatta Maharaj

    7. The question I am currently working with is “What is truly the dominion of the human? Is it the mind? Is it the perception or the interpretation of perception? Where does the power of choice lie? Is the power to choose “identity” the key? Is it the power to surrender? The power to allow the experience of all things that takes us to a place of peace in our perception of all things? Where is response-ability? How do I identify more fully with the Self from the self? How do I open to greater Self awareness? Do I just enjoy my life and trust that all that comes before me is perfect and my only job is to allow the experience?” That is how I am living and yet I feel there is more and I want it all.

      • Those are all HUGE questions, bluefishlady! I struggled with all of them too for most of my life.

        I’ll be discussing some of the answers in future blog posts at the idea and concept level, and a bit experientially, but if you really want to EXPERIENCE the answers and The Truth of it, instead of just dance with ideas and concepts, I suggest you participate in the Being In Truth Experience which is exactly how I “got there”:


      • Actually, bluefishlady, if you “feel there is more and want it all”, then you’re doing the exact opposite of “just enjoy my life and trust that all that comes before me is perfect and my only job is to allow the experience.” Both of these are perfectly okay, and it’s easy to get confused as to which you’re doing. Here’s a clue: If you want something, even if it’s as vague as “more”, you’re in wanting mode. If you’re NOT wanting, but just enjoying and trusting, you’re in enjoying and trusting mode. The next step, for me, at least, has been to learn to enjoy and trust my wanting without being attached to either strategies and outcomes.

        What I mean by this is that I still want all sorts of things, but have noticed that, even when I get something I’ve been wanting, I only have a very temporary sense of euphoria. And then I want something else. If I stay open to being surprised and delighted and don’t get bogged down in the details, then, if I DON’T get whatever the next thing is that I think I want, I’m open to noticing what I get instead and am able to focus on finding ways to appreciate that without getting so frustrated or having so many judgments and life is a lot more fun.

    8. Robert,

      I’ve been following your work for awhile. I only recently discovered ACIM and I do see tons of similarities.

      I can only talk about my own experience and what you describe in this most is exactly to the letter what I’ve experienced as well as seen occur in the lives of others.

      One of the most powerful things to me that you said your grandfather said to you went something like this, “Many people will talk about tapping into the visible world (knocking out the cloud covers) but that ain’t it)” . The people who really do know and have experience what your grandfather told you aren’t talking about it.

      I’ve known for a long time that the masses of people approach to Living In Truth has been “wrong” meaning it hasn’t produced the results that they desired consistently. It’s been a see saw experience at best especially for me.

      I’m glad you are pulling back the curtain and let us finally discover and remember who the real wizard is. I look forward to going on this journey with you. Please keep it coming.

      • I’ll keep it coming.

        Seems to be what my life purpose is all about!

        I’m taken deeply into things and then I pop up and give debriefs on what I Saw and Experienced — and I keep doing it as I go more deeply into The Truth.

    9. It is my opinion that things are changing in the world right now. We are seeing massive shifts and movements across countries and societies. That being said, in order for things to become magical and abudance, as a whole people are cleansing their bodies and minds of energetic belief systems that hinder a magical abundant existence. This is evidenced by the collapse of government and financial systems. In my personal life, I did not see massive change towards a magical abundant life, until I BELIEVED AND KNEW it was possible. But that did not happen over night. I had to be diligent about fundamentally deconstructing and reconstructing my perception of my world. It took time and it is paying off right now. This is just my opinon, and it is also my opinion that there are many avenues to enligtenment.

    10. “And don’t even get me started on whether their overall quality of life improved, even if their net worth or bank account did (although I will “get started” in a future blog post).”

      Please do so.

    11. There has been a consciousness of lack on this planet for a long time … it seems to me that most of the abundance programs out there are related to “mental” activity ie: visualization … and the “wanting” … if we continuously “want” something, then we will continuously keep “wanting” and never having. Maybe it’s more of a feeling place we need to be, instead of visualizing something or wanting something … to FEEL as though we deserve it. To love myself so much that I just “know” that whatever I want, desire, need is mine already. Does that make any sense?

      • From where I now sit and have Seen and Experienced, things appear very differently than what you share above, and what many others are sharing.

        To me, it’s not about feeling something. It’s not about some magic bullet technique or formula or an individual doing something specific or something correctly.

        It’s about something else that I’ll share in future blog posts and that I share in detail, and open the door to actually experience on a consistent basis, in the courses offered on this site.

        Discovering such things has been my passion, obsession, mission and purpose and I struggled with the same things begin mentioned here, and many more, before having a True breakthrough.

        Stay tuned.

    12. To all who are reading this chain of ‘thoughts’ and ‘concepts’, from my personal experience what “Robert” is offering through his “Being In Truth” course is NOTHING like anyone has ever taught before. (although “I” have not researched All the Spiritual teachings out there and have no intent to do so.)

      My ‘mind’ has been rocked and is currently being ‘re-wired’ to See and Experience the Truth. There are no techniques to practice, mantras to say, etc. This is something that cannot be discussed on a simple blog post feedback as “Robert” does a brilliant job of building the foundation for each ‘person’s experience’ through his weekly instructional multi-media presentations, conference calls and Q&A sessions which all take Time. All you need to do is set aside the time to Listen and watch once you have signed up for his course.

      If this is intriguing to you, follow your instinct or desire and see where “Robert’s ” teachings will take you.

      Thank you “Robert”!

    13. For all those reading this chain of ‘thoughts’ and ‘concepts’, what “Robert” teaches is NOTHING like anyone else I have encountered. (I have not researched everyone who teaches a spin on Spirituality, nor do I intent to do so). The “Being In Truth” course spends hours building a foundation which then s-l-o-w-l-y – a speed which is different for each ‘person’ – allows a new Truth about our world to emerge and be Experienced.

      “Robert” does a brilliant job of this through his multi-media presentations, conference calls and Q&A sessions. My ‘mind’ has been rocked and is being ‘re-wired’ to See differently. There are no techniques to be practised, mantras to say, etc. All that is required is taking the Time to listen and watch his teachings as each week’s information is delivered. I’ve given up and walked away from the ‘law of attraction’; ‘thoughts become things’; crystals & angels & self-healing stuff and this course is my only ‘spiritual development’ focus. It is so liberating not to be ‘collecting’ and ‘doing’ all the New Age jazz.

      If you are drawn to explore this further, follow your desire and ‘see’ where it leads you. I did!

      Thank you “Robert”!

    14. I’m in the strangest place my life has ever been these last few years….7 figures below zero….Anthony Robbins was right…zero isn’t the bottom… the family is dead, the dogs & cats are still here….the husband I put through school to be a doc…gone when all the family started dropping dead…It’s really sort of curious place to be…things always work out–usually better when I stay out of the way..no real income–the last job was hysterical…$40 net per day…12 hour days some times-all legal on their part..No real depression about all of it- a little concern from time to time. Most of my social connections are arms length and courteous..and I live in a million dollar neighborhood..lawyers involved…not really sure whose life this is, but all of the lies, myths and illusions that Robert talks about are just that…there’s an occasional lapse back into the panic of “reality” but it doesn’t last long… I love the nature that surrounds me, the absolute beauty and balance of the planet… it’s good to keep the social dealings surface only because most people would just not understand my basic lack of concern…..I could win the lottery tomorrow or drop dead, and it would probably be hard to tell the difference…The whole emotional basis we’ve been taught and socialized with is more curious to me than anything else. As I observe myself writing this, even that activity is curious. There truly is no meaning other than what we assign for our own amusement or horror as the case may be. Vanilla or strawberry? Chocolate? Emotions are more like choices of flavor than a driving force. It’s really all very funny. The only thing that’s true is that your body will eventually die–what’s next is up for grabs…and it really doesn’t matter. So, have fun with whatever amuses you..

      • I love your post KJ as it has just given me tremendous support and refocussed me back on to The Truth of my circumstances. I had again been swirling in a vortex where my ‘lack’ of finances and my so called ‘debt’ take over and I spend hours each day trying to ‘fix’ this problem! How wonderful that you are embracing all the things you describe.

        Much appreciation to you

    15. These formulas are not magic. It comes down to one sentence. You get what you think about most of the time. BUT with that said…. you have to actually believe it as well.

      This method of changing thought has and is working. What a short sided pessimistic article. No wonder its not working from your point of view.

      It has and is working in my personal life as well as the lives of many others. Do a little more research.



      • I have Seen something different, Sara, and to me, that something else is beautiful and wondrous, and opens the door to many incredible things as it relates to Truth. Not pessimistic at all. Couldn’t be more opposite. Just Truthful.

        If you are willing to look at this with an open mind, and stay tuned to future blog posts, there’s a lot more to be said about this. This post was a small step to set the stage.

        Of course, you may have no desire to do that, which is cool.

        I honor your position and viewpoint and have no desire to convince you our anyone else of anything. I point to what I SEE, invite people to look at what I’m pointing to, and if they do or not, if they See or not, what they see, is up to them and the nature of their unique journey.

    16. I am glad I created you to write vs. the multi-media video stuff.
      The multi-media video stuff is great, but I live a busy life and I can read 10 times faster than I can listen.

      The busting loose stuff blew my mind years ago.

      Whoo hoo!


    17. Truly enjoyed your post Robert.

      The “Magical Abundance and Prosperity Techniques,” and their paddlers are in my humble opinion, part of the problem.

      They propagate the lie that to be happy one needs to do a couple of simple things and Hey Presto! Happiness!

      What a load of donkey dung. Dangerous dung at that. But, they do achieve their core goal I suppose — they become wealthy. These people are nothing but entertainers at best.

      If it were possible to attain enlightenment by simply jumping up and down in front of a mirror, repeating affirmations, straining to attract abundance etc the world wouldn’t still be heading down hill.

      Folks generally also need to understand that Truth cannot be attained by simply reading a book,doing a course or touching the robes of the master … it doesn’t work like that.

      It takes years of work and practice. Work and practice which are often filled with painful and very frustrating experiences; clearing the blocks (or as you put it punching holes in the cloud cover) means working through experiences which are often frightening, uncomfortable and at times plain ugly.

      And the bottom line- no one can do it for you. The great masters can’t do it for you, indeed all of them had to go through their own personal valleys of the shadow. We, every single one of us, have to undo our own doings, so to speak.

      But as long folks seek a magical cure, the snake oil salesmen peddling their instant happiness here cures will prosper. Like with most things on this planet … it takes two to tango.

      Enjoyed the post mate. Thank you for writing it.

    18. #1 – physical abundance and prosperity are not, necessarily, the greatest goals
      #2 – it is ALL about ACTUAL belief… “as a man believes in his heart, so he is”
      #3 “magical formulas”, “visualization techniques”, “prayer” don’t produce results very well, if at all, when “in the heart” there are conflicting beliefs

      • David:

        I’m inviting you and everyone else who reads this to consider that what your ay above is not an accurate statement of who things really work.

        The idea that your beliefs determine what happens to you is the popular “party line” for how things work. It seems to make sense and be correct. But my Experience, and the experience of many others who’ve walked the same Path, is that when you really look closely and with an open mind, you See something else.

        Stay tuned for many more blog posts that will address what I just shared in greater detail.

        – Robert

    19. Many years ago I took a primordial sound meditation class and the one thing I remember the guy conducting the class said that if you think you’re in the Gap you’re not in it. He went on to say that you may realize once you come out that you were there but you will never know it when you’re there.

      Even after you’re out (so to speak) its impossible to use words to describe what the experience was like.

      What so many people get “wrong” is that life is about experiencing. It is only through the experience that you will know that something is True. You also have to realize that you are not in control and anything you do is only symbolic of your willingness to play in this ultimate game.

      I tell you there has been so much lifted off of me realizing that we are here to have fun and play a seemingly real amusement park of our own creation.

      It’s also fun to see the different techniques that gurus write about to try and convince of the things we need to do to become who we’re already are.

      I love Robert’s teachings and I resonate with them so well.

    20. Since we are all one and the same with True Creative Essence (“God”), we are all completely safe and secure despite being embedded in this alternately enchanting and depressing web of illusion called reality which is designed to elicit a wide variety of emotional states in us. Emotions are what this “total immersion movie experience” of ours is all about.