The Brutally Honest Truth About Prosperity, Abundance And Money – Part 1

This episode of Brutally Honest Tuesdays …

The first the in a multi-part video series on the subject …

Takes a brutally honest look at The Truth about money, prosperity, and abundance …

The prosperous definition, the prosperous meaning, and the abundance definition.

Is it your time to bust myths …

And exchange lies, illusions and stories for a direct Experience of Truth in these critical aspects of your life?

Find out for yourself!

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    15 thoughts on “The Brutally Honest Truth About Prosperity, Abundance And Money – Part 1

    1. I liked it Robert – you’re right you know – we are vague about what we mean by certain words – these 2 being key words important to many. And I also agree, that as you get rid of the cloud cover, the definitions do change.

      I like your style Robert – you’re easy to listen to and there is an honesty to you that is apparent! Thank you!

      • Thanks, Heather. Glad The Teachings are providing value and support in your story.

        Not everyone sees or feels it, due to their own “stuff” and biases, but the truth is, I am built to be brutally honest – with myself and others.


    2. Abundance , The feeling of the ability to afford or have whatever I desire or want.
      Prosperity , The feeling of being pro in self spirit awareness, Pro active in self spirit experience.
      What I want to have with money is more flow and expansion through good choices.


    3. What does prosperity mean to me?

      prosperous, being healthy & wealthy & happy, having social status & appreciation from others, having value, being worthy, having worth, having good long-term health & happiness, being active, being in motion, positive energy

      What does abundance mean to me?

      having lots of something, having lots of health, joy, happiness, satisfaction

    4. I associate prosperity with wealth; money, assets. When I say I want to be prosperous, I am saying that I want to be able to be, do, or have what ever I want, without money ever being an issue. I want prosperity for myself and my family, for generations to come. And with that prosperity also comes the opportunity to help others, as this also plays a very big part for me.

      I associate abundance with having more than enough… of anything and if used in conjunction with prosperity, to me, that would mean having an abundance of wealth.

    5. Like others, I think prosperity is in reference to money, whereas abundance is an all-encompassing richness of everything. I have never been able to attach a definite amount to “goals” I’ve been asked to set by other teachers–probably because I don’t believe it’s about the $$ but about the freedom to embrace what is and have a sense of completion/prosperity/abundance no matter the amount. It’s how I view what I have–vs. believing that I “don’t have.”

      Thank you, Robert, for this thought-provoking exercise. I think you’ve become a better and better teacher through the years since I first encountered you through “Busting Loose from the Money Game” about 7 or 8 years ago.

      • Thanks, Betty. Glad the post was thought-provoking. Much more to come in the series.

        Thanks also for the compliment. To me, everything has changed radically, including how I teach, as a result of knocking out cloud cover.


    6. Thanks for this question Robert. Initially I was blank, then a sense of hopelessness as I don’t have big desires for zillions, world trips, a mansion, those things that typically might indicate Prosperity. To me Abundance/Prosperity is a feeling of being unlimited, full of possibility, the Universe has my back. This is a feeling of in the moment a sense of worthiness of having what desires come thru me.

    7. Abundance & prosperity. Do I have it…looking at it from a money/finances angle its all a matter of perspective. If someone from a developing world looked at my finances which total $43k a year, I’d be rich beyond measure. From my perspective at this moment in my story its not enough to support the lifestyle I’d like to live which includes helping my daughters through college and having a few nice possessions like a new car – just getting by feels like (lie and illusion) a constant worry/struggle. A millionaire would look at my annual income and wonder how anyone could live on such a meager amount of money and yet I feed myself, put clothing on myself and keep a roof over my head. My basics of life are covered to survive, but not thrive. Is more needed? Of course not. Is more desired? Definitely. Of course these concepts of abundance and prosperity are not limited to money, but this is where my mind goes to create the illusion for the storyline of the character Rodger. Can I change it? Nope. Will it change? Maybe yes, maybe no…that’s up to TCE and the unfolding of my character’s story.

    8. what great questions, I did stop the video to write because I felt compelled to explore it right there and then! Prosperity: initially it was about freedom and choice for me – I would be able to choose a, b, c,which led to freddom, prosperity meant freedom to choose a,b,c……..then I felt like I was falling down a rabbit hole……as I reflected more and realised that whenever I have wanted something from my heart, Truly wanted from my heart I have had that experience so then my definition of prosperity morphed into “my experience of prosperity is a reflection of what I allow” and now I’m kind of stuck because it doesn’t make sense as it feels to be something internal and I have always defined it as external… I will let it sit and see where it goes.
      Abundance: my immediate thought was that it is a ‘feeling’ it is a feeling of expansion and oneness with all which is generously shared in the world, I pictured a horn of cornucopia spilling effortlessly into the world and there was a surprising lack of ownership on my part…….
      somewhat confused but peaceful nonetheless with what has spilled out and happy to let it sit as I grow/expand in understanding as previously I would have defined prosperity completely from a physical aspect of “have or have not” and abundance also from ‘alot of…….health, happiness etc etc’………mmmmmmm feeling thoughtful! thank you! Mx <3

    9. Hi Robert, Abundance for me is to have an abundance of friends, a joy in life, be in the moment, connection with All that Is and continual peace of mind. I,ve been lucky to have experienced this for long periods of time but it is not yet a constant.

      Properity is to trust in the Divine. It knows what I need long before I do. I have experienced this through my life many times so I don’t feel a need to ask/push for prosperity. It is a state of mind/soul.

    10. Thanks for this podcast series Robert, im loving it.
      For me prosperity means having all my needs/ requirements met in a deeply fulfiiling way so that I have enough to give of myself in whatever expression of form that takes in the world (prosperous in time, money, health, wealth, love and happiness). It also means having the resources and the inner connectedness to feel a sense of peace and security with what action to take in any given moment. Abundance to me means having more than enough of something good. So for example having more than enough energy to me means i am abundant in energy. It doesn’t have to be money but it could be, it could be non physical things as well.

    11. Prosperity for me is my being prosperous…z I am prosperous….I love the vibe of the word…its the opposite of lack for me and implies things flowing well in my life. ..I am aware I desire prosperity and it does exist for me already…
      Abundance is plenty….cup overflowing. …again I love the whole thing of abundance. .I love being abundant. …

    12. When I think about it I realize that when I think of prosperity I think first of ease of planning, that is, as the opposite of the circumstances of scarcity or constriction that often make planning so difficult. And of course, when I observe that way of understanding it through a philosophical lens, I realize that it couldn’t be the ultimate answer. It doesn’t ring true to use lack to define prosperity. Then it seems I visualize abundance essentially as “prosperity for a large number of people besides myself,” and obviously, I can see multiple problems with that construction as well.