The Brutally Honest Truth About Prosperity, Abundance And Money – Part 2

This episode of Brutally Honest Tuesdays …

The second the in a multi-part video series on the subject …

Takes a brutally honest look at The Truth about money, prosperity, and abundance …

The prosperous definition, the prosperous meaning, and the abundance definition.

Is it your time to bust myths …

And exchange lies, illusions, and stories for a direct Experience of Truth in these critical aspects of your life?

Find out for yourself as our journey continues!

Below you’ll find a video and transcript of the content so you can experience it as you prefer.

BTW: In the video and transcript below, you’ll hear me talk about a money number, giving an example from my life many years ago. As a result of knocking out lots of cloud cover, and Ultimate Freedom Awakening in my story, that number has changed a lot. The number I shared is just what it was back then.


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    7 thoughts on “The Brutally Honest Truth About Prosperity, Abundance And Money – Part 2

    1. Good questions and I have been asking the same lately, seeing, if I wanted to be a bit extreme, that I could do with what I have, even though it is a little, as I am very satisfied, I feel good about life. There are many things that I can’t do, but I am doing a lot of what I do want to do. The most important thongs for me, I can do as it is.

      Nice series! Are you going to give us the virus?


    2. I actually came up with about 150,000 /year . Why would i require more than that? Only b/c the mind thinks it always needs more haha. and the scarcity mentality that is entrenched in the DNA of all of us has an archaic mentality to feel like there wont be enough one day. So perhaps realizing that can create some space to see whats really going on. thank you Robert.

    3. It is a good question Robert. When Rodger’s character could no longer sustain a home, car, daughter heading to college after a back injury ended his Law Enforcement career and shortly thereafter he experienced a divorce and loss of all his money he had invested in a training business he started after leaving Law Enforcement. With no other choice Rodger ‘s character sold everything he owns 3 years ago and became consciously homeless. He took the proceeds of his home sale and put that into a 529 account so his daughter could attend college. Rodger has his basics, (food, shelter and clothing) covered. Rodger now keeps a roof over his head by doing professional, long-term housesitting. He makes a few dollars here and there with nutritional counseling to keep it all moving along. From the perspective of surviving Rodger is doing fine. His character would like to experience more of life that money seems to keep him from doing, things like travel to spiritual locations around the world, owning a motorcycle, taking courses in yoga and martial arts. What amount would it take to make a big difference in his life? 70K a year would make a phenomenal difference. Does he “need” the money. No. But it would be a nice experience for Rodger and make certain aspects of life easier.

    4. Yes a good question. It’s not really that much when I think about it. You hear about these people with a net worth of a billion dollars or so and you wonder if there lives can be that much better, I mean as much as they say it is in all the training. And of course there’s a price to pay for all that. Not all of us want to pay that price or be in that game. Maybe that’s one of the distinguishing characteristics of the peole that resonate with your work?

    5. Yesterday I overheard 4 of the crew where I work discussing what they would do with the money if they won the lottery. Always interesting to hear.
      What always comes to mind with me when asked what I would do if I had all the money I need is Travel. I would travel the world with my husband. So may varied experiences to be had. So, I think $100,000 a yr would do it. After taxes, of course.

    6. Thank you for the “key” question on how much do really need to fund a lifestyle that i want. It is really less than my mind perceives. I have always felt “why do i need more”? unfortunately this concept isn’t widely accepted which drives one to THINK they need or should have more. One thinks I am wrong thinking this way.
      thanks for affirming what i inherently knew to be true.