Are You Certain You REALLY Know What’s Best For You And What Would Make You Happy?

In this episode of Brutally Honest Tuesdays, continuing down a path that started with the 1st episode, I take a brutally honest look at whether you TRULY have clarity on what would be best for you, what would make you happy, what would TRULY be deeply fulfilling to you.

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    24 thoughts on “Are You Certain You REALLY Know What’s Best For You And What Would Make You Happy?

    1. Yes I resonate with the stopping any managing, controlling, fixing, intending, visualizing ways to improve my reality. So nice to just stop and be with Essence
      People ask what am I doing now since I’ve been involved in many modalities. I say “I like to watch! ” (little play on the movie Being There)…i appreciate the way you take this time to share. Thank you.

      • Yes!

        One of many, many “side effects” of this is the relaxation and ease one rests into without all the push, push, push, effort, effort, effort to change, fix and improve things (and, of course, the so-called frustration and anger when they don’t change or stay changed).

        Our stories continue to unfold beautifully, things happen, things do change, on their own, but it’s a VERY different way of life.

        Thanks for the comment.

        I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!

    2. Amazing, this just came at the right time! I just got kinda stuck again as my mind was telling me I had to use this weekend to finally put my ‘plan’ together about the next thing in my life. Look at strengths, preferences, inspirations, and build that vision including action plan to create my life at a different level. I was going to watch another set of recorded coaching videos, listen to another manifestation audio-book I just bought, and had paper ready to build my ‘list’… but something in me was resisting. So I went through my e-mail and saw this link. Thanks for being ‘brutally honest’ and for reminding me of what I already know and told my best friends: none of my achievements or career changes came from ‘hard work’ or goal-achievement. They happened as I was giving my best and enjoying ‘the ride’… everything else is just ‘mind-stuff’… looks like the Universe just gave me this at the perfect time – I kept smiling throughout the entire video as I realized that 🙂

    3. I spent many years and thousands of dollars on course after course on manifesting techniques and the law of attraction. There was a block for me too as far as knowing what I wanted. How could I know what would make me happy if I never experienced it before? Or it was the old ‘Be careful what you wish for’ thought that constantly appeared. Thoughts appeared that I must not be doing it right. But the main block was definitely not being able to clearly define what it was that I wanted that would make me happy. I finally just stopped and in that moment began to relax into the story and realized that it was okay to be with whatever appears. To have the mind be quiet on this stuff for the first time in 25 years is pretty awesome.

    4. Thanks, Robert. Refreshing to hear this. I am reading a second book of yours. Started with Happiness, now on Busting Loose from the money game.

    5. once again I really appreciate your honesty and clear expression. THANKS also for making a .pdf transcript. Generally I like transcripts better than video or audio, but I’m finding your Friday video presentations fit well.

      Ah yes: WHO or WHAT is actually driving the bus? And why? (I do understand that answers to that question are optional… that the main thing is to increasingly trust that the bus driver is quite skilled, inventive, and sometimes even tells jokes)

    6. Very Nicely Said. In my own experience I simply wore myself down trying to manage my life to a point where I had nothing left and there was no other choice but to let go, surrender, and trust.

      The funniest revelation is that it was a hopeless choice since i had no control anyway and certainly was not In charge of my unfolding life experience.

      I realised all my illness and weakness was a result of trying to direct my life path, it was like trying to climb a mountain when there is an avalanche. The avalanche is begging you to let go and enjoy the ride, and when you do YAHEEEEE 🙂

    7. Thank you for your videos, it helps me let go of the guilt I feel about not pushing and “trying” harder. I can relax into the moment and see what shows up! I believe I have to get used to allowing ease and playfulness, as opposed to being in the struggle and fear of there not being enough!

      Thank you, love your teachings!

    8. Dear Robert,

      Thank for the message of today. It has been a while since I am struggling with the “I don’t know what want” and the goal setting ways of many programs out there. So first, thank you for your message to not only give me “permission” to just stay with what will show up and go with the flow if that is what feels right at the time.
      Just like you and others who commented on your post, I’ve gone through getting what I want to just go back to feeling “what’s next” after a very short bleep of joy. For the last 3 years I feel at a crossroad, where I am supposed to decide on my next goal (career wise) and while very tentatively started I seem to start and stop for no apparent reason. Everybody says, try writing and get specific about “what exactly do you want” and I literally seem blocked. Yet I am not unhappy or guilty because of that, just waiting for a sign to know how to proceed. Your video is my answer. Thank you.
      I am really enjoying your new teachings.

    9. Hello Robert,
      Thank you for your post. It sounds like pure acceptance of what is. Recognising that what ever turns up is perfect.
      I have a question Robert who is driving the bus?

      • Who you REALLY are, what I used to call “Expanded Self” and “Consciousness,” but I now call “True Creative Essence” is driving the bus. There’s more about this if you go to the top of this page and take the free training that best describes you – new or experienced with The Teachings.

    10. Inspiring Robert…. thank you… as always…. for sharing Truth…. It was the reminder I needed to hear today…. thank you again <3

    11. I have read or heard you say this in a previous teaching and since then I have not made or set goals… And to honest, over the last 6 months my life has taken remarkable turns… It is amazing how incredible life is when you just let it happen and enjoy the ride. Thank you Robert! I’ve been following your teachings for almost a year now.

    12. your way of expressing the Truth helps supports my understanding of A Course in Miracles, of which I have been a student since its beginning. From another book referencing your Busting Loose from the Money Game, I first borrowed from the public library then “bought” it with much appreciation! thus now owning it and using it, especially “The Process.” And now, with much appreciation! also especially supportive to me is your presentation on “How do I know what makes me happy,” which reminded me of “Judgment” in the Course. Do you know about the Course and “Judgment” in it? And do you know the worldly known psychologist, Kenneth (“Ken”) Wapnick, Ph.D. “passed” recently?

      • I am not familiar with the content of Course in Miracles although people refer to it all the time. From what people tell me who follow it, my bias is that while there are some similarities at the surface, at their core, The Teachings I share and The Course In Miracles are very different and are paths leading to different “destinations,” especially the Ultimate Key To Freedom Teachings.

        That said, since you are embracing Course in Miracles, and getting value from it, I’m pleased to hear that what I share is supportive of your path.

        The name Ken Wapnick sounds familiar, but I am unfamiliar with his work.

    13. i think my thoughts come from my daily experiences, my dreams certainly do and as its me living them i think i should be driving the bus – at least to a certain extent. i know exactly what i want but so far it eludes me and while it will not make me happy 24/7 [thats impossible anyway], it would make life easier and bursts of happiness possible. your latest video is refusing to load or play – which is why im posting here as when i tried to refresh the page this is where i ended up. i still really like your work – these are just some ideas of mine.

    14. I enjoy your teachings as they are a direct reflection of where I’ve been headed on my journey. Actually experiencing first hand is the only way to really “get it” When I was introduced to you I immediately felt a sense of understanding exactly what you were conveying. Much appreciation for your sharing.

    15. I am weary of the push and pull and have become much more content with acceptance of what is ( not completely–the mind chatter of change fix and improve and “make it happen” still pops in). The “driving the bus” way of living is just so damn exhausting. Relaxing into the story and enjoying the ride is truly a more joyful way to live. I guess the way my story is written, I’m just still experiencing both. Who knows why that is and does it really matter? Nope. 🙂

    16. Yes, I am following your “rants” have been for a few years now. This is by far the best and makes the most sense. In the movie “The Last Unicorn” one line I love and keep coming back to is “Magic do your will”. Just let go and let it happen. this appears to be what you are saying. thanks for the hard work.