What If You REALLY Did Have The Power To Create Anything You Want?

Welcome to this third episode of my new video series called …

Brutally Honest Tuesdays

As the name would suggest, in each video, I’ll take a brutally honest look at what I call “the party line” as it relates to personal development, spiritual development, Spirituality and related topics …

I’ll pop myths, and help you to transform what I call “lies, illusions and stories” into a Direct Experience of Truth.

I’ll encourage you look at what’s REALLY going on, versus being blinded by what the party line says about what’s going on …

And a lot more.

In this third episode, continuing down a path that started with the 1st episode, I take a brutally honest look at what would happen in your life if you really did have unlimited power and could create ANYTHING you want.

Below you’ll find a video and transcript of the content so you can experience it as you prefer.

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Welcome and enjoy!

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