Do You REALLY Have The Personal Power To Create Anything You Desire?

Welcome to this second episode of my new video series called …

Brutally Honest Tuesdays

As the name would suggest, in each video, I’ll take a brutally honest look at what I call “the party line” as it relates to personal development, spiritual development, Spirituality and related topics …

I’ll pop myths, and help you to transform what I call “lies, illusions and stories” into a Direct Experience of Truth.

I’ll encourage you look at what’s REALLY going on, versus being blinded by what the party line says about what’s going on …

And a lot more.

In this second episode, I’ll take a brutally honest look at the myth that “you” have unlimited power and can create ANYTHING you want.

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    12 thoughts on “Do You REALLY Have The Personal Power To Create Anything You Desire?

    1. what bothers me, is that your current story is very different from what the first book and teaching ” busting loose..” Effectively the first teaching mentions again and again and is almost the main theme being about having unlimited power and reclaiming it, I see the teaching now is different, why? if not explain.. thanks.

      • It’s actually not very different at all, although I understand the confusion and why many people interpreted it the way they did.

        The key here is how “you” or “me” or “I” is defined.

        Is it about “you” or “Consciousness”?

        In the P2/Busting Loose Teachings, especially when people went beyond the books to live events or online courses, it was made very clear that ALL the power is held by Consciousness/Expanded Self and that “you” and “me” are not driving the bus or creating what happens. We are part of the patterns Consciousness created in The Field.

        In The Teachings, reclaiming power was never about “you” or “me” becoming more powerful and starting to get access to the Creative Power. It was about Consciousness, who you really are, withdrawing power from limiting and restricting patterns so that a new way of living could be Experienced – in effect, knocking out lots of cloud cover so a new way of being can be experienced in our lives/stories — and doing it in a way that made an extraordinary Experience and Journey.

        My bias is the reason many people thought “they” were reclaiming power and “they” would be creating new realities “themselves” is because from Phase 1 dynamics, we all feel so powerless and are starving for feeling powerful. That was certainly part of my story when I first went into Phase 2.

        My bias is that despite that, Truth is Truth, and once enough cloud cover is knocked out and the leap into P3 and Ultimate Freedom happens, that starvation vanishes.

        On my journey, as more and more Sun began to shine in, I was taken more deeply into all of this, more deeply into what’s actually in the cloud cover, and how it can be removed in a different way. That is how/why the P3/Ultimate Teachings were born.

        On that journey, I did discover that my vision wasn’t as clear or complete on certain dynamics, and I did “miss the boat” on a few things, but by and large, the earlier Teachings align with the Ultimate Freedom Teachings with some important differences.

        You might also want to take a look at this recent blog post too where I talk more about my journey into P3:

        You might also want to register for the P3 Training I created by going to the link below. It’ll tell you a lot more about what happened to “me” as the P3 Teachings were born:

      • Hi Robert
        I see you evolving, and I grow with you. There,s so many imput from you, that I can not read or hear them all, but the essens of it all makes an impact on me, that makes me tolerate the bad things, as well as the good things that is happening to me. After all I believe that somehow I, myself have createt the “storyline” in the novel, I call “me”!
        Thank you for giving freely of your experience to all of us – we ofcause can choose witch part of it we can use, for our personal lives.
        As you can see, english is not my first languice – but I hope you get my meening.
        Much love from Helle

    2. Hi Robert,

      I have enjoyed reading and following your work since your first major book. Also, thanks for the FREE phase 2 course, which I loved watching while walking on the treadmill! 🙂 You are very entertaining and an excellent teacher!

      I understand what Corinne, above, is saying insofar as your teachings have really evolved over time. In contrast to being bothered by it (though I understand how you might feel that way, Corinne), I am impressed that you are humble enough to basically admit your old teachings were less evolved, if not contradictory with today’s at points.

      Meaning no disrespect in any way, it seems that for years I have been waiting for you to come along with your ideas and teachings. For example, with your phase II teachings, I was “saying” to your books and videos, “come on, Robert, do you really need these tools?”

      And, this video, above, is one of the first times I have heard you talk about people having a purpose/mission that will unfold, and thus “manifestation” or what seems like “personal power” only works if it can ultimately lead to your purpose–i.e., it is aligned. I have been waiting for that for a long time too. (Note that I would add some “drops in the pond,” as you say, to qualify that notion, however, which I have no doubt you would agree with.)

      Here is what I am not a fan of. At your current stage, you have said that this really is the last train stop (you said this in a video). With respect, how can you say this is “the last stop” when you know from experience that your evolution just keeps getting deeper and deeper. At several points, you thought you had the answer but yet more questions and answers open up at every point. (That’s at least my experience– or as you “bias”.)

      Finally, your offering of the experience that can open the portal for a person is very racy and enticing, and you sure can sell without selling!! But, unless I am missing something, you don’t offer a way for someone to have this experience–to give some guidance for a way to experience this– without your very expensive program. Why not? And, please forgive me if you have offered in writing some clear avenue to experience “ultimate freedom.”

      There are several very evolved writers who expose the whole truth and potential ways to see/experience that truth, in a relatively inexpensive book. True, they might offer more guidance at higher cost, and a person might benefit from more guidance, and an experience with the person who wrote the book. But, they really try hard to shepard one through based on an experience of their writing and some exercises. Not everyone has $1000 to see if you really on to something. Your mission to spread this is not helped by a $1000 price tag!

      Anyway, please let me end with an offering of deep respect and appreciation for your bold honesty. I have really enjoyed your work as unique and bold and aligned with a truth that I have experienced too. You definitely lay it out there, whether it sounds crazy or unrealistic or whatever. I’d love to join you and benefit from whatever it is you do in your course, but in my purpose-path right now your prices are just to high. Funny thing is that we are likely both in rather similar places (but I suspect some differences unless you hold things back a bit). I’d get a kick out of dropping some stuff in each other’s pond to see. Don’t think it will happen though.

      All the best,
      — I used a pen name for this comment. I am rather private.

      • I have always talked about mission and purpose being the filters. It was even in my first two Phase 2 books way back when. It was implied but not stated directly in the Busting Loose and Phase 2 Teachings.

        I cannot know for sure that Ultimate Freedom is my last train stop. I also make that clear in many places, I received that message, so to speak, but it could be wrong. It feels True and, yes, we’ll see.

        I hear you about the expression of appreciation for the Ultimate Freedom Experiences.

        There will be an Ultimate Freedom book at some point. I haven’t gotten it finished yet.

        However, my bias is that the content of books tends to stay at the idea and concept level and rarely drops down to Experience, which is what must happen for Ultimate Freedom to Awaken. There are exceptions, of course, but that’s the pattern I’ve seen over the years. The Busting Loose Teachings had the 4 tools, but The Ultimate Freedom Teachings do not have tools, techniques, practices or exercises.

        It’s The Experience that does the heavy lifting as various new materials on the new website clarify.

        And there’s so much more I can do with a multimedia canvas to facilitate the necessary Experience, which is what I want.

        I have no interest in simply selling books or simply giving people new ideas and concepts to accept, reject, or debate at the intellectual level.

        I’m passionate about facilitating the actual Awakening of Ultimate Freedom, and having fun doing it.

        Thanks for reaching out.

    3. ROBERT thank you – great to have these nudges to confirm and share – you were dropped into my story about 10 years ago and i have to say that the ‘Truth” with a capital T is sometimes the only thing that kept my charactr walking tru some of the ‘intense’ part of my story!!!!! – and still constantly remind me – that i am actually NOT in control of the story and that as ‘it’ unfolds my ‘purpose’ and i have become more closely aligned – so it seems the story has longer periods of being less intensity – although i have a feeling my character ‘likes’ the drama – the latest fun part is that the character that plays my husband ‘who thought this was all a pile of ‘sh**&’ !! to begin with – now wants to listen and it resonates <3

    4. hmmmmm…. a lot of what you are saying resonates with me, but you did push “the free will” button inside of me. I guess where i really have a problem with the whole purpose thing is “what is the definition of purpose”?
      Most of us define it as being famous like the people you reference, and society perpetuates this myth. This is why we have so many “reality” TV shows. Whose reality is it? I ask rhetorically.
      anyway, look forward to hearing more. Overall my life is great but i am looking for more depth, more connection, more Truth (with a capital T – LOL)

    5. The confusing piece to me here is that it sounds like my true creative essence is outside and separate from me. Up until now, I have understood it to be another aspect of myself. Are you teaching that differently now or am I misinterpreting? Thanks for clarifying!

      • The more deeply one goes into Truth, the more language fails to serve as an accurate way of describing things. No, nothing has changed on my end. Who we really are is one gigantic, unified Being I now call True Creative Essence. There is one True Creative Essence and billions of “us” playing The Human Game or as I now language it, participating in The Human Story. The best metaphor I’ve ever come up with for this, which is only a crutch until it is actually Experienced, which it can be, is this. Think of J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, and Harry Potter, the main hero of the story. Harry, and all the other people, places, things, and appearances in the stories are all an Expression of J.K. Rowling’s Essence, Consciousness, imagination you could say. Harry Potter appears to be separate from J.K. Rowling, appears to be a separate individual, etc. (as do the other characters, buildings, magic, etc.), but he IS J.K. Rowling. J.K. Rowling is Harry. You cannot separate them. To me, this is the True Meaning of what is often called “Oneness.”