What’s The Difference Between the Phase 2/Busting Loose Teachings And The Ultimate Freedom Teachings?

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In this second episode, I answer a question that has been coming up a lot lately:

What’s the difference between the Phase 2/Busting Loose Teachings and the Phase 3 Ultimate Freedom Teachings?

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    5 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between the Phase 2/Busting Loose Teachings And The Ultimate Freedom Teachings?

    1. I get this. I have been using the cloud cover metaphor for years as well. My problem with this is that there doesn’t seem to be one BIG cloud cover. There are thousands! My life situation did not just take care of itself. I still had to do much self healing and constant work to have essence fusing with presence and stay “in the flow”. Also my “story” didn’t show up in ways that were really any better. In fact I’d say “shit hit the fan” and hasn’t stopped. So I don’t know. It seems it depends on one’s personal cloud covers whether your method here really can be believed as being the end of searching to experience and sustain being free and living as Truth.

      • Thanks for chiming in, Cynthia …

        To me, the cloud cover metaphor has always been one of the cloud cover being a very solid, dense barrier composed of many layers. One cloud cover, HUGE in size, many layers.

        It’s fine to see it as separate cloud covers, of course, it’s only a metaphor for everything that blocks the Direct And Consistent Experience of Truth.

        I must also share that to my bias, on the path I’ve been on and shared, it is not NECESSARY to do other healing work, although it can be very supportive, useful, and an extraordinary experience.

        To my bias and Experience, the P2/Busting Loose model and tools, and The Ultimate Freedom Experience, can facilitate The BIG Breakthrough themselves, without other healing modalities being NEEDED.

        That is not everyone’s path or story, of course, as you say (and as I’ve always shared), since all our journeys are unique, but the possibility needs to be noted and clear.

        This is not said to judge or be critical of you or any modality.

        Just speaking my Truth and Experience about this dynamic.

        Truly …

        They’re all magnificent and brilliant creations that perfectly support Human Stories when used.

        I can tell you that when you knock out enough cloud cover (which generally doesn’t happen overnight for many valid reasons, for me, not a rule or formula, just what happened in my story, the journey from P1>P2>P3/Ultimate Freedom was 10 years with lots of shit hitting lots of fans), and The Sun begins to shine in brightly, so to speak, it IS the end of searching and it does bring kith it the ability to “live” and “BE” in Truth all the time.

        I say that not as a theory or philosophy or idea or concept (which is where you’re commenting from, to my bias), but from direct experience in my own story and the stories of many others around the world, especially those who have had The Ultimate Freedom Experience.

        Just my 2 cents …


    2. Hi Robert
      it seems that with the P2 model, there were still some remnants of P1 inasmuch as you/we were ‘trying’ to experience ultimate abundance, living without limits or restrictions through use of the tools, etc. In P3 it’s as if all such desire to change anything at all has gone altogether. It’s just a radically different experience of ‘the story’ (as you call it) exactly the way it is with no thoughts at all of changing anything (from what you have described). Is this accurate?

      • It’s not that simple to my bias. When you make the leap into P2, including me, the cloud cover is still intact, so of course there are still P1 remnants as you call it. “P1 remnants” is what the cloud cover is made of you could say.

        And, there were a few things my vision was distorted on, and others I didn’t see as fully or clearly as I do now – and things I never suspected.

        As to Phase 3, it’s True that it’s a radically different experience of everything that happens in what I now call Inner Space and Story Space …

        It’s True that in the Robert Story, there is no longer the desire to change things …

        However, there are many options for what can happen with change-fix-improve desires in P3. They can disappear, like they did in my story, or they can continue (short term or long term), but be perceived differently and not as “a problem” or “stressful” or as “a negative.”

        All of this must be Experienced.

        No True value comes from thinking about it, talking about it, debating it (I know you’re not debating here, just making a point), etc. at the idea and concept level.