How To Be Happy All The Time – Part 2

This is a continuation of the first post in the series about how to be happy. If you haven’t read that post yet, do it before you read this one or it won’t make sense to you.

Here’s the big key that opens the door to how to always be happy …

There’s a part of you that observes everything in Inner Space and Story Space. I call this part of you “The Mind Machine.” It works in a precise way, and for a precise reason.

As I explained, the flow of emotional energy in Inner Space is nonstop. From the time we’re children and growing up, what happens is The Mind Machine observes that flow. It’s always watching, always observing. As it watches, it pulls one specific “movement” in the flow of the flow out of the flow, and says “That’s anger and that’s bad.”

All emotions are just movements of energy. Not good. Not bad. Not painful. Not pleasurable. Not anger or happiness or frustration of serenity.

how to be happy

They’re all just movements of energy, inherently neutral or pleasant if you must describe them.

The Mind Machine focuses on one, yanks it out of the flow, labels it, describes it, judges it, and then stores the label, description and judgment for future use in its “database,” just like a computer does.

Then, as The Mind Machine continues to watch the inner flow of energy, anytime it sees a similar appearance in Inner Space that it’s got in its database, it says, lightning fast, “Oh, I know what that is. That’s anger, and that’s bad. Oh, I know what that is. That’s peace, and that’s good.”

Then it all becomes an autopilot thing. Boom, boom, boom I’m stressed out. Boom, boom, boom, I’m angry. Boom, boom, boom,  I’m depressed. And, yes, sometimes, boom, boom, boom, I’m happy or at peace.

There’s nothing in the emotion itself, the flow of energy itself, that says “this is anger” or “this is happy.” There’s nothing in the movement of energy itself that tells you it’s bad, uncomfortable, or unpleasant, if we’re speaking about the so-called negative emotions.

There’s nothing there, within the pure, raw experience itself, that says anything at all about the experience. It’s all made up, a story that’s bonded to the pure, raw experience.

Now, the flip of that, obviously, is true, too. There’s nothing in the movement of energy itself that says it’s good, it’s comfortable, or it’s pleasant. All of that’s just a big story that’s fused to the energy too — what I’m fond of calling “a big lie, illusion, and story kicked out by The Mind Machine.”

In order for you to experience True Happiness, something has to shift in a big way. Something has to separate the pure movement of energy, the pure emotion, the pure feeling, from the story and the judgment that’s been bonded to it. Something has to then keep it separated, so The Truth can be Seen and Experienced.

This is not some esoteric, spiritual, airy-fairy idea or concept. It’s very practical, very do-able by you and me and everyone else (if it’s part of the story).

I’ll go more deeply into how to be very happy in the next posts in this series.

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I’d especially like to hear a story about when you experienced an emotion without a name, label or judgment if that’s happened to you.

Cheers … we’ll chat again soon.

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    30 thoughts on “How To Be Happy All The Time – Part 2

    1. Hi Robert,

      Sorry for hardcore question but even if your wife and kids would die in a car accident you would still say that it’s just a story and be happy ?

    2. I’m not talking about a thinking or intellectual thing, so you would not “say” that “it’s just a story” and then “be happy.”

      What Im saying is that once you open into the Experience of True Happiness the actual Experience of everything, including what is now called “tragedies” is radically different.

      What I’m saying is that once you open into the Experience of True Happiness, emotions still appear, feelings still appear, but they’re not accompanied by names (grief or sadness in this case) and they’re judged (uncomfortable, bad, I feel terrible …) .

      They’re just emotions, just feelings. All are embraced and welcomed and enjoyed. None are rejected. There’s no need to make any go away because the story, lie, illusion about them is gone.

      The mind will never understand this. it must be experienced.

      Stay tuned for Part 3 in the series for more on this.

    3. Hi Robert,

      I’ve been following you for a long time, on and off. I like what you’re saying here. I’m intrigued about how to get unplugged and stay unplugged. That’s been a lifetime goal and I’m 63 now. Did you ever read Journey to Ixtland by Carlos Castanada? In the book, once you get to Ixtland you can’t ever return.

      • I have many of the Castenada books but haven’t read any yet. Maybe I will one day.

        My experience is, using my language, that once you enter Phase 2, there’s no going back to Phase 1. And once you enter Phase 3, there;’s no going back to Phase 2 or 1 — which is probably similar to what you’re referring to, maybe not.

        As to getting unplugged and staying unplugged, let me say this. My “story” has been unique in that I only share/teach/coach on what I’ve already had deep, personal experience with.

        I’ve always been narrating, through everything I’ve shared, what happened to me, what I did, what I saw and experienced as I was doing it, etc. That’s the nature of The Teachings. It’s a constantly moving target vs. me sharing the same thing over and over.

        What I did to get unplugged and stay unplugged, what happened, what I saw and experienced is shared in an extraordinary and detailed way in the Masters Of Light Program and then, most recently in the Being In Truth Experience. Details are here:

        One or both of those resources might help you too, over time. Might not. Your journey may be different.

        • Are you saying that we just have to experience everything from a place of innocence, one where we are open to wonder, awe and discomfort equally, just as experience rather than reacting to the label as that can bring in a whole lot of other emotions based on lots of different experiences all bundled into one under each specific label?

          Sorry, long sentence.

          Is it possible to do the Being in Truth course without any other training?

          • I would and do language it differently, but essentially what you say is correct.

            However, it is not something you can choose to do or make happen through intent, will or self-discipline.

            A shift in Consciousness must take place that changes how emotions are Experienced. And that shift can be made.

            When the shift is Experienced, however, it’s not that “discomfort” is viewed with innocence, awe, etc. It’s that the emotion is no longer seen as “discomfort” at all, nor as negative or unpleasant.

            After the shift is made, emotions are just experienced — yes with awe, innocence, etc. — but without labels, names, descriptions, stories, or positive-negative, painful-pleasurable, etc. judgments.

            Hard to believe, maybe, but True anyway.

            Being In Truth can be taken without any other training, yes.

    4. Thanks for staying in touch – I got really sick in November and December, and had a realization that the mind is a luxury for us. It is not necessary, nor is it important to our State of Being. It is a usable tool. That was a short realization, but it has stayed with me.
      thanks, Robert, keep these Blogs coming!

    5. Thank you, Robert! as a long-time, jokster/heyoka “fool’ trickster ‘reluctant’ shaman since I was a kid… I unknowingly (walking backward t hrough time?! lol… All sorts of teachings, have “come to me” … always, ALWAYS as you know, ‘all roads lead to rome’ – and I adore yours for many reasons. I have nevr attended ‘workshops’ to become accredited in anything, but read study apply as many ‘perspectives’ as possible.

      Yours is about my all-time FAVORITE! Because – after all, isn’t it our OWN experiences/ are experiments, that we all SHARE?!

      Of course, it’s perhaps – in the ‘wording’ of the ‘Truths’ that resonate w/ one person, over that of anothers.

      My FAVORITE phrase is: the biggest jokster of all … The COSMIC JOKE… because when you take the S out of Cosmic… COMIC…

      Thank you so much for your book, for all of your ‘stuff’!

      Feelings/ emotions = the watcher watcihng the watcher = us observing us observing us.

      One of my favorite ways to ‘get this’, during so-called times of ‘stress’ or worry, to snap outta it! is to, esp when going to sleep, ‘walk’ through the day in mind’s eye, and jsut see myself in the physical. No words, or, like looking at others, as in riding a bus. What are they thinking, pondering – no one else knows! But so much is CREATED/RECREATED and ‘played out’ in our minds.

      Shakespeare, ya know/ “All the world’s a stage…”

      THANK YOU for spelling this topic out so clearly – and esp for answering people’s comments. BTW – I got our public library to purchase “Busting Loose..” and it’s barely in the shelves!

    6. Thank you, Robert. I really enjoy your posts.

      I have a question about “pure feeling”.
      For example, a baby feels discomfort (so he/she will cry) even though he/she doesn’t know the word “discomfort”, but surely has a feeling different from “comfort”.
      When you say “pure feeling”, does it point to those kind of feelings just before words are used, or those feelings are not “pure feeling” and still have concepts even if words are not used?

      • Assume we’re speaking about what appears as feeling, emotion, before the mind gets ahold of it, words are used, judgments applied, etc.

        When you begin traveling down this path, everything has a question mark after it that we once assumed to be true.

        Are you certain a baby is feeling discomfort? Are you certain crying means something “bad” is happening?

        Can you be certain?

        Not really. No way to know what a baby is actually experiencing.

        If I accept that the baby is naturally judging sensations as “bad” and “uncomfortable” for a moment, for purposes of discussion, there would still be a difference because an infant is in Phase 1 and the cloud cover building machine is in gear.

        If you don’t know what I mean by Phase 1 and cloud cover, check out the Teachings page on the site:

        Beyond the question of the baby, what I can tell you with absolute certainty — from my own consistent personal experience, and the experience of others — is that it’s possible to live on a daily basis experiencing a wide variety of emotions without names, labels, and judgments — welcoming and enjoying all of them.

        That’s how I experience every day now.

        Stay tuned for Part 3 where I’ll show you how you’ve already experienced that yourself in certain situations.

    7. Yes. Emotions are fluid and neither good nor bad. We learn to flinch away from “bad” ones and try to force “good” ones into being, but, really, they are all just signposts, and also very fleeting if we don’t tense up and hold onto them. For me, learning to allow my feelings to just be is good practice for allowing everything else that presents itself to me to just be.

      The best way for me to do this is to make a conscious choice to be grateful as often and thoroughly as possible–and I have found that there is always something to appreciate, if I really focus on finding it, no matter what seems to be happening around me at any given moment.

      Rob is right that once you “break through” you never really go back to your old way of being. You may revisit it now and then, but it’s like putting on a coat that you’ve outgrown; it just doesn’t fit, anymore.

      I’m more consistently happy now than I’ve ever been and, when I do stray into the doldrums, I now know how to find my way back to what I think of as a state of grace–which is not something I earn or am given but is simply what I AM deep inside.

    8. At this point of my journey I can observe myself experiencing the emotion, at times I am able to let go of the mind chatter and let the feelings flow, and at other times I get stucik in the emotion, know that I am stuck, do a few processes, but it still takes a bit of time to move through it.

      • That’s HUGE!

        And, there is an opportunity to go deeper — to go to a “place” where you can experience The Truth on a consistent basis, naturally, without the effort, without the apparent internal battle, without needing to use techniques to process, etc.

    9. I experienced the expansion and contraction of energy over a period of a few minutes. The only storyline detail was that I paid for an energy healer before that.

    10. More appreciations for your clarity, Robert! I find it helpful to have a buddy who gets this, makes good eye contact and doesn’t bring it up later. Navigating the white water of energy and life. And clearer thinking follows. Storylines seem to disappear 🙂

    11. I am a “student” of your being in truth experience and have followed your teachings for the last few years. I am also a yoga instructor and often refer to your teachings in my classes to help students “cope” with the thoughts, sensations, judgements etc. that they are experiencing. I remind them that what they are feeling (in the body) are just movements of energy that are labelled differently. I encourage them to remove these labels and experience the energy for what it is….the raw experience of it…..and then everything will “change” from there. Thank you for all that you are. You are a great source of inspiration!!

    12. I see our emotions as part our design to stay embodied – as a survival tool. The judgment comes into play to help us react appropriately “when something bad is happening” which could take us out of the game through death of the physical body. So, yes, they are energy moving through us. Yes, we can choose to experience them differently. And, I am sure as I continue on my P2 journey, and eventually enter into P3 experience, my experiences will be different. But, I also still see my ability to either experience them as raw energy and play in P2 “rules”, or participate in the game I am here to play, and experience them with some judgement relative to threat level/discomfort if I want to keep this embodied experience/game alive. Until the game changes :-).

      Thank you for sharing! Kelly

      • Kelly, you are welcome to believe what you wish and live as you wish, of course.

        I would invite you to consider that what you shared about the “survival tool” and “survival value” of judgment and emotion is not True, but just a story, just Phase 1 Cloud Cover dynamics in motion.

        That dynamic does not protect anyone from death or danger or anything else (as is obvious if you look at the hologram/storyline). That appearance is an illusion, again, just a story.

        The story IS supportive to playing the Phase 1 Game, as you see, and that’s fine. But it’s not True.

        My role here is always to shine a light on Truth and what Players do with that is what they do with that.

        Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it and you very much.

    13. Thanks Robert,
      very clear messages which I am experiencing and appreciating.
      The last time I experienced pure emotion without judgment is when I am in a yoga focussing on a challenging posture and have total focus.

    14. As the Buddha said, ‘When you realise how perfect everything is, you will throw back your head and laugh.’ The the difficulty is that when ‘something’ nasty happens it is difficult to (a) laugh and (b) realise how perfect it all is, yet it would seem that when we are able to rise above the little nastinesses and laugh them off, we can return to a state of inner harmony and so these ‘baby steps’ protect ourselves from the bigger calamities, when perhaps through neglect we are miles off center – I dunno – sounds good though.

      • All of this sounds so good … in theory, as an idea or concept.

        The issue I used to have, what once made me very angry, is I’d think, “OK. I hear you. I get it. I see the truth in that. But I can’t do it — at all or consistently.”

        For me, the lies, illusions and stories (“Cloud Cover”) were so strong, so hypnotic, so mesmerizing, I couldn’t get beyond its impact.

        I discovered none of this can be done by simple choice, willpower, self-discipline, wanting or intending, etc.

        Something must first knock out The Cloud Cover, and once that happens, all these dynamics like realizing how perfect things are, etc., just happen, naturally — no need for willpower, intention, etc..

        • As you suggest when the events pop up daily they are an opportunity to do our inner housework putting aside all grand theory – today my free antivirus after some number of years gave notice that it would no longer be available -‘ Oh these large corporations are up to every trick,’ type of self-talk went through my brain and so instead of being grateful for that gift all this time I attempted to download another free anti-virus – it would not download!!!! A pause for thought!! This led me to realise how mean and ungrateful I was so I went back and paid for the original (still mumbling ungratefully to myself that it seemed rather more than I wanted to spend) and yet when I had come to terms with all this limiting ‘stuff’ and realised the privilege of the whole exchange (with the free extra lesson included) it I felt free and energised – wow – thank you indeed Mr Scheinfeld

    15. On Mother’s Day this year in response to the Christina Perri “A Thousand Years” music video I started sobbing and kept it up for three repetitions or so. It was a wonderful feeling. It felt more alive than I usually do. It was intense and deeper and fuller than how I experience most days (so far 🙂 ). I was so glad for it. I felt more real and “me” than I had in a long time.

      Thank you for posting these entries and for making your insights and perspective available to those who wish to consider them.

      Good life to you!

    16. Robert, on June 16, 2012, the veil between the visible and invisible world ripped down the middle. Absolutely no effort, thought, or emotion was required to transport me. Without doing anything, I clearly experienced that I am at once the only being, and at the same time one of a race of gods. I knew that I could give up my game-piece without any harm to ME, and also that I have chosen to remain on the field just for the thrill of playing. I can’t attach and story or meaning to this-I’ll label it an epiphany but no words can ever describe it. Since “then”-the quotation marks indicate that I totally get that time is a mere construct-the mind machine has kicked into high gear. My mouth has painfully swelled up to the point that I can barely talk, as if to block me from telling this truth. Indeed, I have shared it with just one other person besides thee. (I “talk funny” because I’m a Quaker.) Therefore, in story space, I have every reason to be unhappy; after all, I’m experiencing physical misery. On the contrary I cannot accept that I have any physicality, and can’t imagine that I ever will again. Yet the pain seems to be oh-so-real. It’s like a clarion call to forget what I can never, ever forget: I’m making all of this up, every bit of it, and having a blast doing do. Can thee comment on this situation? Thanks, Peony

    17. Since reading your ‘Busting out of the Money Game’ and discussing it with others so many insights have popped up, but best of all, a friend Linda tells that she hardly ever wears lipstick but when settling down to pay and post off bills she puts on her lipstick and implants a big kiss of gratitude on the account. Is this not truly delightful? As a mere male it is difficult to compete at that level.

    18. Rob,
      Thanks for all the help so far. My husband said isn’t “Busting Loose …” have in it all that you need to know? Why would you need a “Masters of Light” program too? I am guessing it’s because I haven’t really got it yet.

      • The Busting Loose books have everything you need to do deep and profound work on the cloud cover, yes. There is no “need” to go deeper. There is often a desire, however, and a lot of support that can be requested and obtained.

        Why go deeper? There are numerous reasons. I could write books on the reasons but will stay brief here. First, many people who read books keep what they discovered at the idea and concept level only, and it never truly becomes experiential, which is the only way True Transformation takes place.

        Second, Phase 2 is uncharted territory for people, and like visiting any place that’s new, strange, or uncharted, it can be very helpful to have a Guide. It’s easy to get stuck, frustrated, confused, etc.

        Third, if we look at the Phase 2 and Phase 3 segments of The Human Game as a journey into a Direct Experience of The Truth, with lots of things to see and experience, that journey never ends. There’s always more to see, explore, play with, experience. As a result, I’m always going deeper into The Truth myself and I share what I see and experience as my journey continues. Masters Of Light goes deeper into the Phase 2 teachings and Being In Truth goes into the Phase 3 Teachings. Many people like to go deeper and deeper too and find the narrations of what I’ve seen and experienced, and my support as Guide, valuable.

        Hope that helps.