How To Be Happy All The Time – Part 3

In the previous posts in the how to be happy series, Part 1 and Part 2, I discussed what True Happiness is … what Authentic Happiness is.

I explained that True Happiness is not the absence of negative emotion and the presence of certain positive emotions.

I explained that True Happiness is Experiencing all emotions without names, descriptions and labels.

You may have understood and resonated with what I shared.

You might not have.

Or it might have seemed impossible to achieve in your day-to-day life.

You already know how to be happy all the time, you’ve experienced it many times …

Actually, you’ve experienced what I call True Happiness or Authentic Happiness — exactly as I defined it — many times already without knowing it.

Let me give you 4 examples, although you’ll find many more in your memory banks, so to speak.

how to be happyExample 1: Riding A Roller Coaster

When you ride a roller coaster (or any high-speed ride at an amusement park) — if you enjoy that sort of experience — you experience many emotions.

They whiz by very quickly. What I call The Mind Machine does NOT stop the flow to say “This is fear, this is adrenaline rush, this is excitement.”

The emotions just whiz by without labels, descriptions, or judgments.

Because the context of an amusement park ride is to have fun, The Mind Machine doesn’t intervene like it does in normal life.  That’s True Happiness!

Example 2: Reading a Great Novelhow to be happy

When you read a great novel, you experience many emotions as the story unfolds. Like riding the roller coaster, those emotions just whiz by as you turn the pages.

You’re aware of them all, but The Mind Machine doesn’t label them, describe them, or judge them.

Because the context of reading a novel is entertainment, The Mind Machine doesn’t intervene like it does in normal life.

That’s True Happiness!

Example 3: Watching a Great Movie

When you watch a great movie, you experience many emotions as the story unfolds. Like riding the roller coaster and reading the great novel, those emotions whiz by as the minutes pass.

You’re aware of them all, but The Mind Machine doesn’t label them, describe them, or judge them.

Because the context of watching a movie is entertainment, The Mind Machine doesn’t intervene like it does in normal life.  That’s True Happiness!

Example 4: If You’re A Phase 2 Player

If you’re a Phase 2 Player and have been actively applying The Teachings and using the tools, virtually every time you’ve applied The Process, you’ve experienced a moment, maybe longer, where The Mind Machine disengaged and you Experienced the pure, raw emotional energy — without labels, descriptions or judgments.

That’s True Happiness.

If you’ve been playing the Phase 2 Game a long time, you’ve therefore had the EXPERIENCE of True Happiness hundreds, maybe thousands of times without realizing it.

Have you noticed a pattern here? 

When The Mind Machine doesn’t intervene, you experience True Happiness — no matter what’s going on. It just happens … without you having to “do” anything.

When The Mind Machine does intervene, when it observes the flow of inner energy called emotion, separates out segments of the flow, labels them, describes them, and judges them as positive or negative, you’re rarely happy.

So, the key to how to be happy all the time, no matter what’s going on around you, is to have a consistent Experience in which The Mind Machine doesn’t intervene.

Easier said than done, to be sure, but do-able, day-in, day-out, 24×7.

I live that way as do many others worldwide at this point in time who’ve embraced The Teachings.

As the old saying goes, “put that in your pipe and smoke it” for a while.

Chat again soon.

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    35 thoughts on “How To Be Happy All The Time – Part 3

    1. This is so true, Robert. You’ve hit the nail on the head. As a student of your teachings, I’m actually EXPERIENCING this more and more. It’s an awesome way to live.

      Your teaching style is very practical, with many concrete examples that an ordinary, everyday person can understand. Your down-to-earth way of explaining things has felt supportive to me as I’ve absorbed these concepts.


    2. Robert,I am almost as old(Young) as you and Have followed your thinking for some years now. I still love to watch every video you make and listen intently to your every word. Why? because I always learn something new which steers me in the direction I have taken. good on ya Robert you Rock!

    3. Robert, I just went through your Busting Loose books and have gotten real practical experiences with doing the Process. Thank you. I was wondering if you have come across this book which came up in my mind while reading your books:

      “Infinite games, on the other hand, do not have a knowable beginning or ending. They are played with the goal of continuing play. An infinite game continues play, for sake of play. If the game is approaching resolution because of the rules of play, the rules must be changed to allow continued play. The rules exist to ensure the game is infinite. The only known example is life.”

    4. Is it possible to play both phase one and phase two I feel I have days where I really understand phase two and then phase one stuff is really getting to me and my emotions are very overwhelming. I love the new teachings I was a reader of the busing loose books. Thanks for all that you do! I appreciate you!

      • No. Look at this way. You’re in Phase 1. A portal opens into Phase 2, you leap through it, and it closes again. No way to get back to Phase 1.

        How do you know which game you’re playing? It’s based on what your Expanded Self (ES) is doing from behind the scenes.

        If your ES is focused on building the cloud cover, keeping it locked in place with you experiencing being opposite to Who You Really Are, you’re in P1.

        If your ES is focused on helping you knock out the cloud cover and “expand” more and more into a Direct Experience of Truth, you’re in Phase 2.

        You can be in Phase 2 and experience the same sorts of things you did in Phase 1 (like you explain), but if you’re using the tools, you’re still in Phase 2.

        Glad you’re receiving benefit from The Teachings!

    5. Thank you Robert for posting this. It could not have arrived at a better time for me. I have been experiencing all sorts of “emotions” in the last two months. Seemingly quite intense. It has been a struggle because I’m wondering “am I doing this right?” Now that you’ve brought to my attention that the mind is labeling the energy…..a lightbulb has turned on!! Phew, what a relief.
      Thank you!

    6. Since I have started applying the process daily and intensively, strong emotions are coming up and also just mainly passing by, calm contented moments with storm like other times. I am very appreciative of the fact that I manifested you and your Teachings in my personal movie. Deep down it has given me a sense of trust in my direction wherever it is taking me, difficult to explain really but something like I get to be closer to my ES and it feels good, very relaxing in a way. Signs are showing up such as me thinking about something and it appears a few hours or a day later.
      This has happened to me before but again this time it feels different and also after 30 years of being on a spiritual quest I can say it is the first time that living in a reactive mode seems totally possible and not unattainable like “enlightenment”.
      Thanks a big bunch for your Teachings and for the way you are doing it, it is an everyday support in my life.

    7. I spent time in India and the conversation about enlightenment said – “Eat a banana and drink water” – the whole idea being – we do so little in life without labels and judgment – true bliss is just being… sounds just like what you are referring to here. I love it… and am living it more each day. Thank you for your PROFOUND insights and teaching, Robert.

      • Yes, it is what I’m referring to here. The context here is happiness, but it’s the same thing for everything.

        This is what my Being In Truth Experience is all about — getting into this “space” for Experiencing everything.

        Thanks for the comment!

    8. Wow, I love that. This will be my mantra for the day:
      “When The Mind Machine doesn’t intervene, you experience True Happiness.”
      The mind is in the way. There is a reality as it is; and there is a “reality” when we live in our mind, which constantly evaluate, judge, interpret… The contents in the mind have nothing to do with the Reality, but we get entangled in it and suffer. Without mind interpretation, we are already happy.

    9. Hi Robert! Your viewpoint and teaching are appreciated as always. I understand where you’re coming from, however would you clear something up for me?

      “Happiness” by definition surely is a pleasant state of awareness associated with pleasant feelings and physiological responses. You seem to be indicating that detached (non-labelling) experiencing of your daily emotions and events will lead to a state of “true happiness”?

      You use examples of movie watching and book reading as examples of this way of experiencing.

      However, when I watch something traumatic or frightening or unjust or cruel in a movie (or my own life) the feelings associated with these experiences are not pleasant. The raw feeling whether labelled or not, is not pleasant to my awareness. So how can this be described as “happiness”?

      It is obvious that non labelling of experience by the mind can avoid mind created pain due to mis-labelling and not experiencing ‘truth’, but the pure feeling tone does not change…

      For happiness to be experienced by me using your methods, there must be a ‘happiness feeling tone’ present in my awareness in the moment. Is this in ADDITION to the feeling tone (pain pleasure anger joy) created by the life experience?

      I may be being pedantic, or over analysing (an accusation I am very familiar with!) – but any thoughts or clarifications would be appreciated!

      Many thanks,

      Crispin. (busting loose books and your multi media blogs etc…)

    10. Hi Crispin …

      This is a HUGE question and one not well suited to a blog post comment area. Let me share the following:

      1. The mind, so to speak, will never “understand” this and you cannot think your way into True Happiness. Why? Because the mind is the one creating the illusion of positive and negative emotions and the stories making them seem real and true.

      2. When you experience the True raw experience, it is neither pleasant or unpleasant as you suggest. It just seems that way because The Mind Machine is lightning fast, its output is hypnotic, and it has been running on autopilot for so many years it all seems “accurate”.

      3. Separating the story from the pure, raw experience is not a technique or strategy or something you do or “make happen.” It is what happens, what is Seen and Experienced when enough Cloud Cover gets knocked out. It just becomes your natural state. This IS what’s in the Sunshine using my sun and clouds metaphor.

      4. This is not an idea or concept or theory, like so much that’s out there about The Human Experience. This is something I actually Experience, and many others are experiencing who’ve knocked out enough cloud cover.

      If you want to experience True Happiness and “verify” this for yourself, I suggest participating in the “Being In Truth Experience” because it opens a gateway and offers a path into it. It is the most extraordinary creation I’ve ever participated in myself or offered. It literally “blows the mind.”

      • Robert thanks for giving your time to answer my huge question!

        It’s important to ask the big questions, or we won’t get closer to the truth…

        I’m familiar with many states of awareness and I know how difficult it is to put these into words, so I appreciate the difficulty. But, you do a great job.

        My mind was just caught on your referring to this state as ‘True Happiness’, which in itself is a positive label of the mind. I’m worried people will think of this as some form of actual happiness – you know – that elusive ‘state’ everyone is supposedly chasing.

        When rather, it is an experience of non happiness. ‘Or the Empty Fullness of Being – Here, Now…?’

        The last sentence is my attempt at painting it with words!

        😀 Thanks!

    11. I’ve been doing the process and have noticed that the only times I apply it, i.e. the only times I feel uncomfortable and thus prompted to apply it, is when I am judging something I’m feeling or observing. If there’s no judgment there IS no discomfort. By switching to a “bring it on!” attitude toward discomfort, because it’s just an opportunity to reclaim power, the judgement/discomfort quickly dissipates and gradually I’m experiencing less and less judgment/discomfort.
      What is different about Living in Truth and True Happiness or is it the same thing?

      • Hard to put this into words with accuracy. What I feel like saying is “this is a step in the Truthful Direction, but is not yet True Happiness.”

        True Happiness, Being In Truth, refers to the experience of all emotions, not just the ones we label as discomfort.

        And judgment goes both ways – positive and negative, pleasant and unpleasant, etc. so-called emotions.

        True Happiness is an Experience with no judgment at all, neither positive or negative, no labels at all (this is anger, happiness, frustration peace, etc.), just an Experience of pure raw, emotion, or energy in motion, all of it welcomed and appreciated, lack of a better term (appreciation is not judgment, it’s just the Natural State of Who You Really Are).

        This will never be “understood,” even if it seems like it is.

        It must be experienced.

    12. I am a new student to your teachings and trying to comprehend it all. Experiencing life without labels of feelings says to me “no feelings…not logical….just like Mr. Spock from Star Trek series. If we are to “appreciate” and have “gratitude” how do you do that if you do not express joy? When you get excited that energy is shared with others and lifts them up….Empathy shows that we care. Am I just to feel nothing and just “be”? If this is a game to experience should we not enjoy the positives? I understand being in control regarding the “negative” emotions because those emotions hurt us and others. I guess if love is the greatest gift of all, how do you show it using your teachings or is the question…What’s love got to do with it? I am having difficulty with these issues….please advise.

      Thank you!

      • Vicki …

        I’m sorry but there’s no way to give solid or helpful answers to your questions above through a reply to a blog post. Those are HUGE questions and too much is required by way of foundation and structure for you to EXPERIENCE The Truth of it versus having ideas and concepts only.

        I must also share that I’m *NOT* talking about “no feelings.” I’m talking about lots of feelings — but feelings *without* names, labels, descriptions, positive-negative, pleasurable-painful, judgment, etc.

        Experiencing emotions that way is very do-able and real and quite mind-blowing, literally.

        If you want to experience this for yourself, not just think about ideas and concepts, and reject or accept same, I strongly suggest you enroll in the Being In Truth Experience (“BIT”).

        BIT goes way beyond just an Experience of Truth as it relates to emotions (it’s about the entire Human Experience), but the emotional piece is a big part of what it’s all about.

        Check it out here:

        Basic Info:


    13. Thank you Robert for your prompt reply. I will check out the links that you have suggested and appreciate your clarification regarding emotions.

    14. This certainly is an interesting topic to ponder, and I appreciate my creation in all of you to bounce this around. Thank you for the opportunity!

      I also appreciate that much of this is difficult to put into words, and I feel in this AOM a strong desire to understand it, describe it, etc. Yet, there is a knowing that experience is the only way to “truly get it”, as best as that can happen.

      Given the previous blog posts on this topic, I can say at this pt. in my P2 journey, I can identify with myself as the actor in my movie. That part of myself that has unlimited potential to play many roles. Any possibilities, anyway it is scripted.

      Yet, I also can feel myself experiencing the role into which I am cast. Within that role, it is easy to forget about my identity as an actor. It is easy to believe the storyline is all there is. Within that role, I also experience sensations and emotions. In the context of the role/story, they have definition, judgement, purpose. They are guiding me in that role, to follow the script, which can change along the way, yes.

      This relates back to what I posted previously about believing my emotions are guides for the preservation/survival of the physical body. I am not my physical body, but in my storyline, they serve the purpose of helping me to maintain it, survive, follow the script, play the role. I.e., pain sensations can be scripted as in indicator that harm is being caused. Again, this is the script. Even though I know on another level that there is a part of my being that is Eternal, and can’t be destroyed/hurt/killed, within the movie it is easy to forget that – “the cloud cover”.

      Yes, emotions are energy. They can be powerful. They may result in very physical/physiological responses.

      So, the character part of me finds it hard to grasp the concept of actually allowing what it perceives to be a painful experience to continue or perhaps “worsen” (do I keep letting the train drive over me, or should I get out of the way?) because of the potential for that character to be wiped out. If it is wiped out, the story ends. It is hard to live in a place of trusting the train might derail before it gets to me, or accepting a life as a squashed vegetable as my storyline.

      My storyline brings me to this point now, with awareness that there is cloud cover, there is something beyond the clouds to be cherished and discovered, and that some storyline will continue in my awareness, but I don’t know what that will be.

      I am thinking now that this is something that seems to be lacking from much discussion in detail in the teachings I have experienced thusfar. The whole thing about emotions leads me to ponder if my journey and storyline are leading me to become an indestructible character. The train will pass through me, so no need to fear it. I can sit in the middle of the fire, if I want, and my character will not perish anymore than the actor portraying her will…..

    15. Kelly, Thank you for your comments….very interesting and does explain to me more of the P2 teachings with regard to emtions and the physical body. Emotions are what make us human and our physical body is the vehicle in which we are placed for this life. In my experience I have learned that pain is a wonderful teacher….I won’t do that again or any pain that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. So what I believe that I am grasping from P2 teachings is another way to demonstrate what I have learned and that is I cannot control anyone and that what is happening is part of my script that was written for me so just accept what fate has for me and to not try and stop it… riding a roller coaster… just go with the flow… this a correct assumption Robert?

      • Remember, Vicki, this life is an illusion. The sensations you experience, and your judgement of them are illusions. Filtered through the cloud cover. So, pain being something experienced as negative is an illusion, part of the story/script perhaps. You being taught by it is part of your storyline. However, scripts can change. Who writes them? 🙂 Kelly


      “This is the ineffable secret, the ultimate illumination, the key to peace and power: You are “True Creative Essence.” If you will accept this towering truth, dare to stand atop this magnificent pinnacle, universal consciousness will be revealed to you from within. True Creative Essence is there. It is True Creative Essence who peers from behind your eyes, who is your own consciousness, who is your very Self. You are not just a part of True Creative Essence; you are altogether True Creative Essence, and True Creative Essence is altogether you.”

      Adapted from the last chapter of Uell S. Anderen’s “Three Magic Words.” God was substituted for True Creative Essence even though words do no justice.

    17. Robert, I thought you might like this:

      From Chapter 6 of Andersen’s Three Magic Words:

      DO WE THINK?

      “As human beings we have been tricked into believing that we think. In other words, we believe we make thoughts. It is a peculiar thing that we believe this, since no one has ever been able to say whence a thought comes and from what it is made, but nevertheless most treatises on the mind hold that man thinks up things and makes up thoughts. Yet if you carefully analyze the process of thought, you will find that it is not you who thinks at all, but it is rather you who observes thoughts as they flit across your consciousness. Stated differently, it is as if the real you occupied a still and guarded position in the very recesses of your being, from which you observe a purely mental world that consists entirely of thoughts. These thoughts parade across your consciousness in a never-ending stream, following one upon the other unceasingly. Some you select and add to you, others you reject and send on their way. But the plain and irrevocable fact is that it is not you who sets the stream of thoughts in motion. If you doubt this, try to stop it!

      You will find that all your efforts cannot stop your thinking, for the essence of being is observation, contemplation, and choice; and though you may slow the stream of thoughts a very great deal, and examine each thought presented to you with much more care, still they come, these thoughts from out of nowhere, exhibiting themselves before your consciousness, demanding of you that you establish a position and accept some while you reject others.”

    18. Well said Kelly….thank you!!
      Thank you Tom B!….WOW what an eye opener …now that is mindblowing and perfectlyl stated….thank you for sharing!