What’s Hiding Behind The Desire For Prosperity And Abundance

As part of this blog post series on what prosperity and abundance really are, and what they really aren’t, I offer a video for your consideration.

Virtually everyone has a desire for manifesting abundance. But few people realize what’s hiding behind that desire. Few people realize:

  1. There’s something else hidden from view they really want
  2. They’re secretly hoping prosperity and abundance will provide it

prosperity consciousness

Most blog posts are filled with information. This video post is different.

It was designed to provide an experience that has the potential to create a Big Opening for you, even if you don’t fully realize it consciously.

I call it “The Magic Genie Video.”

I want to help you see, really See, what’s hiding behind your desire for prosperity and abundance …

What you really want that you hope
prosperity and abundance will give you …

Click the play button below to begin your experience
Since what you really want is the freedom to just “BE” (as explained in the video above), the opportunity you have is to shift your focus from prosperity and abundance, as it’s traditionally defined, and onto that goal.

You’d be surprised what happens when you make that shift in focus. Easier said than done, yes, but do-able nonetheless.

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Chat again soon …

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    24 thoughts on “What’s Hiding Behind The Desire For Prosperity And Abundance

    1. Thank you for the reminder of The Truth, Robert. In my search for ‘Me’ I find myself all too often being drawn back in to the world of ‘Things’, distracted to the point of feeling hopeless, worthless and a failure for not having all the stuff that our society has come to judge our worth by… When the absolute truth is I just want to be happy – for no reason.

    2. Robert,
      have to say the timeliness once again of your message is right on. The first time I ever came across your website and was watching the video about sun and cloud coverage I looked out the window. Suddenly what had been a perfect sunny day played out EXACTLY what you were sharing on the video! I knew at that moment to get your book Busting Loose from the Money Game and did. Read the book quickly and it resonated. I caught back up with you a month or two ago on FB. Yesterday I was feeling a bit in overwhelm and just took a day to rest. Lying there I said aloud ‘how can I find THAT kind of happiness within me…true happiness, joy?’ I got up a little later and checked my email messages to find your latest webinar on ‘Happiness.’ Smiling I felt that for a reason your work has once again become part of my journey. What you shared in this video is exactly what I have felt to be true too. I pbserve it in myself, kids and others…so, now I am excited about the solution!

    3. I agree with the analysis, I don’t know how your solutions are going to look. But you clearly have asked all the imprtant questions.

    4. What I discovered is that my distractions from BEing are not the obvious things like wanting more money, great relationship etc. My distraction is on constantly healing: “If I can just heal my wounded child then I’ll be happy. If I can just heal this pain in my back then I’ll be happy.” My desire to be healed is actually what is holding me back from BEing. Thanks for this insight Robert.

    5. What would I ask for, if I already had everything I could ever ask for?

      It’s not what I “get” or “add” to myself that brings me that “the peace that surpasses all understanding”. It’s what I let go of.

      For me, what do I need to let go of to finally experience, not read about, that peace?

      PS. Robert, do you think your grandfather reached the same understanding that you have? Or, did he do you a favor by passing & leaving you with the mystery to be solved?

      PPS> Hope to meet you in C’ville, someday.

      • When lies, illusions and stories (i.e. cloud cover) drop away, “peace” or The Sun Shining is what’s left. There’s not one specific “thing” or “things” to let go of. It’s all about knocking out the cloud cover which is what The Teachings are all about.

        I’ll never know exactly what my grandfather Saw or Experienced ultimately. He died before I could ask him. And yes, I believe the tease of it, the leaving of it is a Big Mystery was key to my Life Story.

    6. I’ve been studying the spiritual masters for over 20 years and feel so greatful for their messages, and here you come along. Your partiicular message is contained in so much of what I’ve read but is articulated so clearly and consistantly. I agree. It’s all about peace and the allowance of the sun to shine through.

    7. Thanks Robert, Your work has enriched the whole law of attraction, and creating reality storyline that has followed me as long as I can remember.

      You have a specific way to deliver the information that works for me very well.

      Surprisingly I first listened to you on News for the Soul and in your biography, It mentioned you came from a wealthy family, so I tuned you out as I expected you to be about goal setting, and focus…. Obviously I was in Phase I expecting a phase I system that I was tired of.

      Two years later when I finally picked up the book, I was very very happily surprised.


      PS. Nice Shirt!!!!

    8. Robert, thank you for this video, and for all of your work. My husband and I are always looking for ways to remind each other that life is not about goals and “the list”, but about being and expressing our true selves. Your way of teaching is SO supportive.
      With appreciation,

    9. I totally agree and and drilling through the cloudcover is getting easier by keeping that in my mind and heart :). ANDIT´S do-able nonetheless.

      THX from Germany,

    10. You’ll like this, RS…
      I was watching some previous video you did and it so happened that it just wasnt happening fast enough for me so I was sometimes 1.5xing or 2xing it and still understanding every word.
      Then I come to this vid and I notice that you have speeded up!

      That’s why I love ya. you’re just exactly what I want you to be!

      Keep it movin cos you keep it groovin!
      Be Wild!

    11. Yeah, I was thinking how nice the shirt is.
      As for the secret behind the desires, it is so right on. It came to me some time ago but it is so wonderful to have you say it the way that you do.
      everlovin’ PB

    12. Hi Robert!
      Thank you for these valuable blog posts 🙂
      Do you still recommend using the tools from your books to knock out the cloud cover?
      Best regards,

      • I used the tools diligently for 6+ years and was able to knock out a lot of cloud cover.

        What I did in those 6+ years is documented in great detail with full support for others, in the Masters Of Light Program.

        After that, after a lot of Sun was shining in, but there was still some cloud cover in place, I was taken into a “new place.” In that place, I no longer used the tools. What happened to me and for me in the new place is documented in the Being In Truth Program.

        The tools are EXTREMELY supportive to a point, for me, required, and then, like me, they can be discarded as your journey takes you deeper and deeper into Truth.

        There is no rule for formula for this, when or how. You will be led, lack of a better term.

    13. Dear Robert…

      Ahhhhh…the sublimely elegant atmosphere
      of clarity ~ warm regards, appreciation, love…Melanie

      p.s. …I am coming in from out of the cold of

      trying to do this shift in perspectives work alone ~

      thanks very much for including me.

    14. After experiencing your work through a workshop with Christopher and Paul in Vancouver, I felt a feeling of relief and rejuvenation-a missing piece discovered. And then-I gradually forgot about applying the process and found myself feeling back in phase 1-very depressed a few years later. A friend recently forwarded your Genie video to me and as soon as you opened your mouth to speak, tears of relief came to me. My heart was touched and opened. I got a sense that you knew what it was like to be in the thick of the clouds and then break through to sunshine. And then came hope-(as well as the awareness that it is time to roll up my sleeves and start applying the process again.) and another read of Busting Loose from the Money Game. I thank you with all my heart, Robert, for all that you give and, in my opinion, with compassionate light-heartedness.

    15. Dearest Robert,
      I have followed your teachings now for many years and found they have been life-changing for me. I was on a lifelong path to change, fix and improve.

      I had great success in SOME areas, but never really able to get ALL my ducks in a row at the same time–LOL.

      By default (through losing my job and being unable to find work in my field no matter how hard I tried), I decided to throw caution to the wind and just do what I would do if I had all the money in the world.

      As a result, I spent the last year or so creating a membership site for teachers and parents of young children called Teaching with Puppets. It is almost ready to go live–but the best part is that, despite running COMPLETELY out of money, I never in my mind pressured this venture to be my financial salvation. Early on, I decided I would just have FUN with it. I gave myself zero pressure to “succeed” in the typical Phase I sense of the word. If my True Expanded Self wants to make money with it, it will. If not, then it won’t. But, the path feels so right, so solid and I am so happy with the way it is turning out that I am in pure joy over it! A BILLION THANKS, ROBERT!!! As soon as I can afford it, I will join your Being in Truth teachings. Much love and appreciation to you and yours.

      • Thanks for your kind and enthusiastic words, Mary Beth. I appreciate them … and you very much.

        I’ll look forward to sharing Being In Truth with you.

        Extraordinary experience. Truly extraordinary.

        Best of “luck” with your business.

        • What I was trying to say is that it is in large part because of YOU and YOUR TEACHINGS that I had the courage to take a deep breath, follow my bliss and trust my Inner Being to lead me on a brand new creative path. So far, it has been such a FABULOUS ride–and it’s not over yet! Again, thank you!

    16. So very true, thanks for being there to remind me simply of the Truth. The pure joy of just being and expressing who I really am. I very much appreciate your teachings and coaching program and it serves me everyday even when it does not seems like it. You appeared in my story at just the right time with the perfect relaxed attitude and great shirts, normal it is “my” story after all…