Phase 1, Phase 2, And Phase 3 Of “The Human Game”

In this audio episode of Friday Q&As …

I answer a question that has come in a lot lately …

From people new to The Teachings I share …

But also from people who know about Phase 1 and Phase 2 …

The question is: “What do you really mean when you say Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, ‘The Human Game’ (also called ‘The Human Story’) and Ultimate Freedom”?

You can listen by hitting the play button below, or by right-clicking the download button on the player below, downloading the MP3 file, and listening on the device of your choosing.


Right-click on the image below to download the transcript:

meaning of life

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    3 thoughts on “Phase 1, Phase 2, And Phase 3 Of “The Human Game”

    1. Thank you Robert. I am really enjoying how you take many of the spiritual teachings but explain them in a way that not only can be understood, but seems much more lighthearted and a more enjoyable experience than some of the spiritual paths I have followed.

    2. Thank you Robert. I adhere completely to your articles and teachings. Thanks for the PDF transcription (I’m from France and my English is horrible, I use a translator …. and an intuitive understanding … for videos is more complicated … but Your videos are well worth my efforts to understand ;-))
      I had lost sight of my True (With a capital T) nature for 5 years … Thank you for having found me
      PS: sorry for my english