The Truth About Mission, Purpose And Destiny

In this audio episode of Friday Q&As …

I answer a very important and timely question I got about life purpose, mission, and destiny …

The answer includes a discussion about why clarity about The Truth of it all is so important to Know and Experience …

The answer also includes a discussion about how The Truth of it all affects the results you’re able to produce …

And about how The Truth of it all affects how you FEEL and your stress level as you’re working to produce results.

Right-click on the image below to download the transcript:

meaning of life

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    3 thoughts on “The Truth About Mission, Purpose And Destiny

    1. How can one’s “life mission” be to help others when all “others” are imaginary, non-existent figments in an illusion?

      • Best way to look at this is to compare it to what happens in great novels we read, movies we watch, TV shows we watch. All the characters in such stories are illusory, and yet people appear to help each other in them. The fact that it’s an illusion doesn’t matter. It’s all about the richness of experience all human interactions make possible, including helping others.