Prosperity And Abundance, Happiness And Inner Peace, Enlightenment And Spiritual Awakening



This post about prosperity and abundance, happiness and inner peace, and enlightenment and spiritual awakening may surprise you.

Maybe not.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that I tend to share content in 3 categories:

  1. Prosperity and Abundance
  2. Happiness and Inner Peace
  3. Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening

I chose to focus on those 3 categories because:

  1. Those are the 3 areas where I most wanted to experience change in my own life when I was younger
  2. Because it seems like many other people share the same desires I had

If you look at the surface of things, those 3 topics seem separate.

It seems like prosperity and abundance are one “thing,” happiness and inner peace are another “thing,” and enlightenment and spiritual awakening are yet another “thing.”

And …

It therefore seems that the paths you travel, the techniques and strategies you employ, and what you do to “get” those “things” would be different too.

If you define prosperity and abundance, happiness and inner peace, and enlightenment and spiritual awakening the way most people do, those assumptions are accurate.

enlightenmentBut there’s more to it.

As my journey took me deeper and deeper into The Truth of things, I made a discovery that really surprised me.

True Prosperity and abundance, True happiness and inner peace, and True enlightenment and spiritual awakening are …

The Same Thing!

And …

The paths, techniques, and strategies employed to “get” those “things” are ultimately the same too.

I’ve discussed how I define True Prosperity and abundance, and True happiness and inner peace in previous posts on this blog. Be sure to search for and read them if you haven’t already.

In the next few posts, and continuing later on, I’m going to share how I see True enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Stay tuned …

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Cheers …


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    10 thoughts on “Prosperity And Abundance, Happiness And Inner Peace, Enlightenment And Spiritual Awakening

    1. Yes, over the years, I realized the same thing, peace, abundance, and true happiness are the same thing, they seem to overlap or meld together.

      I came across a great supportive book a few months ago called “Choosing Easy World” by Julia Rogers Hamrick. Very insightful and book.

    2. I’m enjoying watching you present what I created to hear (read) When I “need” it. Inner Happiness and Peace… Things that used to stress me – now amuse me. I’m mostly amused by the thought that if “people” knew what was going through my head about Lies, Illusions, and Stories, they’d call out the men in white coats! lol WATCHING the drama instead of being a part of it is SO much more fun! And Amazing!

    3. #1 and #2 are more toward doingness and havingness. To create 1 and 2 you have to “Be” first and that is number 3. After doing the Busting Loose series of DVDs from your live conferences I realized that I was playing phase 2 game most of my life without awareness of it. Now I’m ready to expand on #3

    4. Robert-
      so true -these distinctions are very much entertwined. In looking back through the illusion of time- I see my search for personal freedom and success was thru the door of spiritual awakening and gurus. Peace and abundance appeared as the cloud cover faded. Its so much easier now, thanks to you sharing your path. So appreciate your amazing generosity.

    5. Good post Robert.

      Prosperity, success, happiness comes down to one fundamental thing. Its all just “energy”. I guess it is about just Being that energy and all else will be added.

      • I don’t use the word “energy” anymore, just my personal preference, but I agree with your statement.

        It makes things really simple. Instead of focusing on trying to achieve twenty zillion goals, we can focus on one goal and the rest takes care of itself (often in very surprising ways)

        That’s what I learned how to do.

    6. Good to see this invitation to being in truth.
      As always Robert, I have created you as a mentor that
      ignites essence in this dream as the dream happens.

      A good movie, a creative unfolding like no other.
      LOL. no-other.

      Smiles and a hug of gratitude,