The 2 Paths Through Life Into “Simple Abundance”


From what I’ve seen on my own journey, there are 2 paths you can take through life if you’re interested in simple abundance, how to be happy, inner peace, personal or spiritual development, spiritual awakening, etc.:

  1. The Change, Fix, And Improve Path
  2. The Truth Path

In this post, I’m going to introduce the Change, Fix, And Improve Path. I’ll come back to The Truth Path in another post.

On the Change, Fix, And Improve Path, your life is dominated by goals, objectives, and wanting to produce specific results to change your life, fix what appears broken in your life, and improve your life.

The Change, Fix, And Improve Path is dominated by techniques and strategies — steps for you to take, things for you to do, things for you to practice to get what you want.

There’s a never-ending assembly line of techniques and strategies moving through the world.

And throughout history.

That claim to be able to deliver results, including simple abundance.

There’s always a “flavor of the day” that everyone is excited about and is convinced is the magic bullet they’ve always dreamed about: this manifestation technique, that manifestation technique, the law of attraction, whatever.

There are also the old standbys that have been around forever: visualization, affirmations, changing beliefs, thought and mind control, etc.

Whenever we get ahold of a technique that looks promising, we get very excited and throw ourselves into using it to get what we want.

And then REALITY sets in.

There are 2 BIG problems with the Change, Fix, And Improve Path:

  1. The techniques don’t work reliably. Never have. Never will. I seem to be one of the few people out there seeing this and being willing to be brutally honest about it.
  2. The list of things you want to change, fix and improve never ends. Never has. Never will. There’s always something else in your life that isn’t OK as it is, that would be better of it were different or gone ,or if something else showed up instead.

So, if the number of things you want to change, fix and improve never ends, and the techniques you use to try to get what you want don’t work reliably to get them, what’s the inevitable result?

You’ll end up exhausted, frustrated, and unhappy — and really “down” on self-help stuff, on all the techniques and strategies and the people who gave them to you.

Odds are , you know what I mean here because you’ve already experienced it — and/or are experiencing it now.

If you haven’t, you will.


I could write multiple books on this topic but that’s enough for today.

Next time, I’ll write about The Truth Path, which is the ONLY way out of the “rat race” explained above, the ONLY way to get what you REALLY want, the only path into simple abundance (a term I really like by the way).

Stay tuned.

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Prosperity And Abundance, Happiness And Inner Peace, Enlightenment And Spiritual Awakening



This post about prosperity and abundance, happiness and inner peace, and enlightenment and spiritual awakening may surprise you.

Maybe not.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that I tend to share content in 3 categories:

  1. Prosperity and Abundance
  2. Happiness and Inner Peace
  3. Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening

I chose to focus on those 3 categories because:

  1. Those are the 3 areas where I most wanted to experience change in my own life when I was younger
  2. Because it seems like many other people share the same desires I had

If you look at the surface of things, those 3 topics seem separate.

It seems like prosperity and abundance are one “thing,” happiness and inner peace are another “thing,” and enlightenment and spiritual awakening are yet another “thing.”

And …

It therefore seems that the paths you travel, the techniques and strategies you employ, and what you do to “get” those “things” would be different too.

If you define prosperity and abundance, happiness and inner peace, and enlightenment and spiritual awakening the way most people do, those assumptions are accurate.

enlightenmentBut there’s more to it.

As my journey took me deeper and deeper into The Truth of things, I made a discovery that really surprised me.

True Prosperity and abundance, True happiness and inner peace, and True enlightenment and spiritual awakening are …

The Same Thing!

And …

The paths, techniques, and strategies employed to “get” those “things” are ultimately the same too.

I’ve discussed how I define True Prosperity and abundance, and True happiness and inner peace in previous posts on this blog. Be sure to search for and read them if you haven’t already.

In the next few posts, and continuing later on, I’m going to share how I see True enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Stay tuned …

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Straight Talk About Prosperity And Abundance, Prosperity Consciousness, And How To Attract Abundance

OK. Today it’s time for some straight talk about prosperity and abundance, prosperity consciousness, and how to attract abundance.

You’ll find some text here at the top and an audio recording at the bottom from my Illusions And Truth Show podcast that’ll help you go more deeply into The Truth about prosperity and abundance, prosperity consciousness, and how to attract abundance.

What do you think of when you think about prosperity and abundance?

I’m not talking about what you might say about prosperity and abundance to pass a test, appear smart or spiritual, or recycle something you’ve learned.

I’m talking about what you really believe about prosperity and abundance.

Most honest talk about prosperity and abundance centers around 3 things:

  • Having lots of money — a big surplus over your “fixed overhead”
  • Being able to spend freely on whatever, especially stuff and things (cars, clothes, first-class airfare, electronic toys, luxury items, having a big and beautiful home, multiple homes, etc.)
  • “Lots of…” in general

In fact, the dictionary definition of prosperity is “successful in material terms; flourishing financially” and the dictionary definition of abundance is “a very large quantity of something;  plentifulness of the good things of life.”

That’s Not What Prosperity And Abundance Really Are

Most definitions of prosperity and abundance are filled with fantasies that will never actually manifest.

Prosperity and abundance aren’t about money, income, net worth, stuff and things, or lots of <fill in the blank>.

Prosperity and abundance are about power. Prosperity and abundance are about a specific form of creative power being freely in motion.

When I say creative power, I’m not talking about “manifesting” or creative visualization or affirmations or the law of attraction or any of the other popular self-help and personal growth and success techniques.

I’m talking about a different form of creative power that has nothing to do with you as an individual doing anything.

 Go Deeper Into The Truth
About Prosperity And Abundance

Below is the audio recording I mentioned. It’s taken from a live radio interview I did. It’s jam-packed with content about what prosperity and abundance really are, and, most importantly, how to actually experience True prosperity and abundance on a consistent basis.

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